Special People

Unsung Heroes

We are in the middle of the entertainment awards season.  Awards for almost every part of cinema, stage, arts and the music industry.  In my book sickening spectacles and it shows so clearly that today’s society worships money, glamour and status rather than taking pride in all who strive to do the best they can under difficult situations.

Recently an avalanche of complaints on social media because refuse collections are late or even in some areas have been cancelled.  But when these services run smoothly is there any praise for the refuse workers who toil in all weathers for a low wage?

I have known individuals who have spent many years standing on street corners or knocking on doors in all weathers collecting for worthy charities.  Often getting abuse.   Yet where are they when awards are being handed out?  Not that they are looking for awards.  The awards go to some well-paid person at the top of the charity tree.

There will be those who will say as a Spiritualist that I should not judge – but by not speaking up, we will drop further into the mire of worshiping some and ignoring others.  No wonder suicide is on the rise these days as the society we have created makes so many feel worthless.

I am going to dedicate this page to the unsung heroes who give up so much to help others who are less fortunate than themselves.  I will often not mention them by name as they prefer to work quietly and unnoticed rather than being in the glare of a spotlight.