Today’s World…

A Spiritualist’s View of our World Today.

A prisoner kept in solitary confinement for thirty-five years.  Lights kept on in the cell 24-7.  Guards seldom speaking to him.  No matter the crime this puts the authorities on the same level as the prisoner. 


A great furore has erupted over Shamima Begum being granted legal aid to fight the decision to remove her citizenship,

Even the most notorious criminals in the UK are entitled to legal aid and to challenge a court decision. So, she is entitled to this aid, no question about that.  I was shocked at her attitude during her interview, but we have to keep personal views out of any decision.

Looking at this from our Spiritual values I feel that we should also be taking into account that she was a minor and brainwashed by professionals.  By this I don’t mean that we should forgive and forget, but we cannot deny this lady the rights that are open to others.

                                      We Can Live for 240 Years

Scientists in the US have suggested bats may hold the key to unlocking the secret to a long life because of their ability to hibernate and fight infection, experts say.

A study by the University of Maryland has found if humans were able to harness their adaptations, mankind could live up to 240 years old. 

Have they ever heard that life is eternal? 

We Wait Till the 11th Hour.

The human race has got into a way of doing little or nothing until it is too late.  We don’t want to know about, what is staring us in the face until the eleventh hour is almost upon us. There were those who warned that a global financial crisis was looming and no one listened.    It was the same with the overuse of plastic and climate change.  We are happy with the convenience of using plastic and much of what is contaminating the atmosphere.  Many an excuse is used to deny the facts.  Few looks towards what we are leaving for future generations.  Exactly the same is happening with so many other things.  Corners are being cut and individuals want their own way rather than what is best all round.