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Fox Hunting and Spiritualism.

                  Fox Hunting and Spiritualism

Fox-hunting has been in the news this past week or so and there has been much heated debate on social media about this issue.  I have been surprised to see that many connected in one way or another with Spiritualism are not condemning this so-called sport.  Even trying to turn the blame around to those of us who do with the old chestnut that “We should not judge others”.

The lack of a list of “Don’t do this” and “Don’t do that” like other religions was in part why I kept returning to our churches. The 5th Principle put me in control of my thoughts and actions.  Since then I put myself in the shoes/paws of those whom I have negative thoughts about.  Then, and only then do I come to a conclusion. 

As far as blood-sports are concerned I feel that in the end it is down to the value each individual put on the lives of animals.   

Here are a few comments from others; –

“The SNU as a body doesn’t have an official view on this – being non-dogmatic it wouldn’t be possible to issue views on every single thing, but would encourage individual thought to be given through the lens of the Seven Principles. However, I do think Spiritualist philosophy points towards a view on this.

In his recent booklet which the SNU published, 21st century View of the Seven Principles of Spiritualism, Minister Barry Oates refers to our second principle as “Unity of Life.” In qualifying this he says, “Unity of life is accepting that as you have a right to live your life in the best possible way, so it is with all life, animal or human.” He is therefore seeing the connection that extends through humanity as extending into the animal kingdom too. Philosophically, this raises the question of how we value all life, not just human life. There are many other views in Spiritualist literature that support this, Silver Birch’s teachings being prominent in advocating compassion towards animals. This theme is of course echoed in Lizzie Doten’s classic Spiritualist hymn, God of the Granite and the Rose. (“The mighty tide of being flows through all thy creatures back to thee…”

 I think anyone would have a struggle to find any teachings within Spiritualism that supported blood sports and other inhumanities towards animals.

Personally, as a vegan who avoids any cruelty or harm to animals, I find that Spiritualism has only strengthened my choices, and view that God has given animals a purpose, whereas humanity in general seems to have given them a use – two different things. It is always possible to highlight personal responsibility if someone chooses to use animals to their own end, but it is common sense that our personal choices are not always best for others, human or animal”.

 This is always a heated debate, Tom, but often we need to see things from the perspective of the animal itself, and within the greater spiritual context. Not everyone is able or willing to do this – however, I believe that Spiritualism encourages us all to do both”.  AH.

 “Fox hunting is a class thing.  Many are brought up believing that hunting the fox is part of country living.  This means that we should not be criticising the individual, but their upbringing”.  LG.

“Organized dog fighting, cockerel fighting and hare coursing have all been banned throughout the years.  Why try to hold on to fox hunting”?    KL.

Surely if one is to carry on along a smooth Spiritual path then not only must one be against all suffering, but also speak up?  Not only the individual also religions.

Fast Tracting or Taking Time to Blossom?

“Flowers do not force their way with great strife.

Flowers open to perfection slowly in the sun.

Don’t be in a hurry about spiritual matters.

White Eagle.

The first though that came into my mind this morning was the above quote from White Eagle.

Not only in Spiritual matters, but on life as a whole everything is forced these days.  Nothing is given time to ripen and mature so much is lost. In fast track life, work, leisure and Spiritualism loses out what was built up in the past.

Agricultural companies and large-scale farms strive to produce as much food as possible as quickly and inexpensively as possible, —even if that means sacrificing flavour. Few customers will complain as this has resulted in big savings for consumers. A typical five-pound supermarket chicken now costs less than one-quarter of what it would have cost in 1948 after adjusting for inflation.  Bred to be plump, not tasty.  That is the order of today.  It is the same with vegetables and some fruits.  I feel sorry for the younger generations as they do not know the real taste of the food they are eating. 

It is the same with work and training. It is as quick and as quick as you can do the job rather than quality that will last. When I started with Royal Mail the first three days, I had to write out the rule book each day.   Countless pages and I was suffering from writer’s cramp rather than sore feet I had expected.  The next nine days I was shown every aspect of how a sorting office functioned even though much that I would never be asked to do.   Today I have come across young lads put out on their own after a few days and then being sent for a few days training months later.

What about Spiritualism? As that was what White Eagle had in mind when making his comment.  Like everything else Spiritualism has joined the ‘fast-tracking era’. 

At one time a medium stepping on the platform for the first time would have spent years sitting in circle before they would even be considered for platform work.  Now, a few workshops, seminars, etc with so-called International mediums/Celebrates and many feel they are ready to represent our religion.  Gaining diplomas, here again is good that many now have an in-depth knowledge of our religion.  But to gain experience takes time 

I was friendly with a Church of Scotland Minister who had a photographic memory.  This gentleman said that this could be a curse rather than a benefit.  He had the knowledge, but not the experience and both are equally as important. 

There is also the ever-increasing cost of this learning.  We are getting to the stage where many will not have the money to take part.  We have to be careful that man-made rules do not override the will of Spirit.

The above will be the topic for our debating group’s first meeting of 2019.  I will put online some of the comments.