Guests Have Their Say.


Thought for today from a Medium….

There is no doubt that each and everyone of us asks what happens after our death and to those we loved, that have passed before us.
Spiritualists believe that our soul lives on and that we return home to the Spirit World.

You see, we understand that as well as having a physical body, we have a non physical counterpart. Both are attached to a silver cord until the point of what we call death by most people.

I think that’s why mediumship is very important. Just to know the person who has passed can still communicate and show they are aware of what’s going on in and around our lives, is proof that there is life after the physical death of the body. That’s why most mediums will try to bring forward who the person is, a memory you both recall, details of what’s going on in your life that they saw/heard and most importantly, the reason why they have came through to pass on a message via the medium who is facilitating the communication.

Please never think mediums just sail through the loss of a loved one because they are mediumistic and see/hear/sense Spirit beings. We grieve just as much and feel the raw emotions and loss just as deeply as those who come to our Churches, Centres or for private readings.

Muriel McGilvray.


The Greatest Gift from Spirit is Healing.

The True Gifted Spiritualist Healer Heals by allowing various forms of Spirit Energy to flow through that Heal the body of its many ailments.  It relieves the pain and suffering.  It also allows the recipient to open themselves up to other types and forms of Spiritualist Beliefs and Energies.

A Medium or Philosopher of our Spiritualist Faith can Heal the Mind and Soul, by explaining ideas.  Or giving Teachings or Enhancing and Explaining Further, all aspects of our Spiritual Selves and the Various Gifts that we can receive. 

The Spirit Artist is just as important as the Transfiguration Medium.  The Philosophy allows them to understand what is happening in their Life, and around their Life.  

A Medium from the Platform or in Private Sitting Heals by giving Closure to things that happened when the Communicators Physical Body was on Earth.  It also gives Healing by making them feel that their Loved ones or Friends etc. are still with them.  By talking about what’s happening and how they would/could have helped.  Also, they can give a bigger picture of issues they have seen all sides not just the recipients small view this in turn can Heal Relationships.  

A Transfiguration Medium allows Healing by allowing a Sceptic to see that their Friend is still Alive and that there is indeed something more.  This can change someone’s views and bring the very best out in even in the most lost amongst us.  That is if they choose to understand.  If in understanding they learn to aid and assist and discover that life is more than Physical Gain.  All forms of Spiritual Energy are Healing those are the most common or heard about. 

The last I will mention is that of a Skilled Mediumistic Artist. They can paint, draw, carve etc, in many other and varied ways.  These creations can provide an Image lost of loved one.  It will also show the way they want you to remember them before the way they were when they passed.   It can also give you memories long forgotten to cheer you and other members of family/friends.  This gives us upliftment and happiness.

The one part I cannot verify, and this is just my own Personal Belief.  Is that everything previously mentioned also actually Heals the Soul/Spirit. That Communicating from the other side as they can recognise that you Happy as they know you actually Heard from them.  So, it actually Heals them and makes them Happy.  Many forget this part.

David Crichton.


I Was Privileged

54 years ago today (16th) I gave birth to Derek, the first of my 3 sons. I was privileged to have him for 46 years. I say privileged because he taught me so much about patience and understanding. He also taught me the value of a smile as sometimes a smile was the only way he could communicate with me to let me know he was happy. So until we meet again son laugh, dance and be free from the confines of your wheelchair. Most importantly keep smiling for me and I will keep smiling for you as I know you would want me to remember you with smiles and not tears.

Elizabeth King.