About Me

I have been aware of Spirit since childhood, but surprisingly, I did not pay any real attention until 1992 when my wife Isobel and I were visited by the spirit of a recently deceased whippet. It was then that I began to investigate Spiritualism.  This led me towards the Association of Spiritual Knowledge (ASK) in Stewarton, Ayrshire where I spent four years sitting in development circles and participating in many workshops etc…  I sat in these circles to investigate the Spirit World; never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be on a platform of a spiritualist church taking a service, as I did not feel I had the ability and certainly not the confidence to stand in front of a congregation.  But here I am today taking services at churches all over Scotland and in Northern Ireland.  Since I was medically retired in 2002, working for Spirit has been almost full-time for me and as well as taking spiritualist services, I am also an SNU Approved Healer, presenting workshops, give talks on spiritualism, writing on spiritualist matters, taking time for those who turn towards our spiritualist churches for help, I also do a lot of research into spiritual Phenomena. 

I am fully committed to Spiritualism – Spiritualism the religion – and I feel that the duty of a medium goes beyond services, sittings, healing and workshops, it is also to take time to offer people help, support information and understanding.