Today’s World…

A Spiritualist’s View of our World Today

My Greatest Fear…

 Constantly during the day, I watch news channels from around the world.  When news items are extremely disturbing and they usually are, I switch from channel to channel to find something positive, not always easy to find.  My biggest fear is the survival of future generations.   A rise of 2 degrees centigrade may seem insignificant, but it could devastate many low-lying countries and their inhabitants.  It may be too late to avoid or limit some of the worst effects of climate change.  Like everything else, poorer nations will bear the brunt of the outcome of climate change.

The extreme weather that we are seeing around the world at the moment is only the start of what is to come.  We have abused Planet Earth and now Mother Nature is fighting back.  Let’s hope she will not let go of a knock-out punch that will end human life on this planet.


COVID; – If it had only been the COVID pandemic then we would be starting to get back on our feet again.  But that was followed in quick succession by the rippling effects of the invasion of Ukraine.  We are now struggling with a massive hike in fuel prices and grain shortages around the world.  Add to that the extreme weather caused by Climate Change.  How are we going to cope?  It will be difficult, extremely difficult and we all have our part to play in helping those less fortunate than ourselves.

Ukraine Invasion; – Human rights abuses on both sides will be tremendous.  I find that of great concern.

Climate Change; – Is hitting us hard and reversing the stage we are at, at the moment.  Is close to being an impossible task.  So many are unwilling to change their lifestyle to help save the planet for future generations.

Health care; – Our health service is wilting under the pressure of trying to catch up on a two-year waiting list and many are dying needlessly. 


At a time when politicians are under pressure and being criticised from all sides The Prime Minister of New Zealand stands out in a caring and positive way. The country’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ahern made sure to put young people’s fears at bay, assuring them that the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy are both “essential workers” during the outbreak.  Children of New Zealand need not worry — they’ll still be getting their Easter chocolates and visits from the Tooth Fairy amid the Cordova virus pandemic.  She went on to say to the children of New Zealand, “If the Easter Bunny doesn’t make it to your household, we have to understand that it’s a bit difficult at the moment for the bunny to perhaps be everywhere, given the current global circumstances.,”


One death is one too many with this virus no matter what country.  As soon as it started to go worldwide one of my first thoughts was for those in refugee camps in the Middle East and Bangladesh.  Massive camps with people living so close together and many not in good health. 

Let the residents of these camps not be the forgotten people and mention them in our prayers.



Personal Responsibility

When I started up this website the last thing, I thought I would comment
on was politics.  Yet with the chronic
situation British politics finds its self in at the moment I feel I have to
speak out. 

We Spiritualists should consider writing a letter to our elected
representatives.  The letter should
explain that you are a Spiritualist and follow this with our Seven Principles,
highlighting the Fifth – PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY.  Telling them, we expect them to take Personal
Responsibility for all actions and deeds while they are in office.

We owe this to the poor and needy in our society who suffer greatly from
the wrong decisions taken by our elected representatives.


I never end the day on my computer without seeking out at least one snippet of good news.   Although there are so many on this planet worshiping power and greed there are still those who are willing to be guided by the greater good around us.  Trying to reverse the negative and turn what ever situation they have been guided towards to a positive way.

Here is some positive news: –

Once-endangered otters, polecats and pine martens have staged
a remarkable comeback in Britain since the 1960s.  Each has bounced back from near extinction,
meaning the only carnivorous mammal that remains in danger of being wiped out
in Britain is the Scottish wildcat.   A
pity we are not seeing the same success with many other species of the animal

A living member of a species of tortoise not seen since 1906
– and feared extinct – was found in a remote part of the Galápagos
island.  The female is believed to be at
least 100-years-old. The discovery of tracks and faeces lead investigators to
think there may be more members of the species on the island. Fingers crossed.

Worldwide terrorist attacks fell by 33 per cent in
2018 compared to 2017, to the lowest level since 2011, a report released in
January showed. Major decreases in violence in Syria and Iraq contributed to
the decrease.  In 2018 Over the course a
worldwide total of 15,321 attacks by non-state armed groups, which resulted in
a total of 13,483 non-militant fatalities. Going in the right direction, but
still a long way to go. 

Not much good news comes out of this region, but here is a
real glimmer of hope for the environment and the peoples of this grief-stricken
area to work together in peace and harmony. 
–  Israel will work with the
seven, mostly Muslim nations, in a bid to save the colourful corals that
dot the shores of the Red Sea.   Tall
oaks from little acorns grow.

Global executions fell by almost a third last year to the
lowest figure in at least a decade. The dramatic global fall in executions
proves that even the most unlikely countries are starting to change their ways
and realise the death penalty is not the answer. The dramatic global fall in
executions proves that even the most unlikely countries are starting to change
their ways and realise the death penalty is not the answer.  An innocent person being executed has always been
my biggest reason for being against the death penalty.

Europe could be farmed entirely through agroecological approaches and still feed a growing population, as long as diets shift to being more plant-based, according to the study by European sustainable development thinktank IDDRI. The Ten Years for Agroecology suggests that pesticides could be phased out and greenhouse gas emissions radically reduced in Europe through agroecological farming, which is based on ‘ecological principles first, chemicals last’. Using fresh modelling, the report’s authors examine the reduction in yields that would result from a transition to agroecological farming. These can be mitigated by reorienting diets towards plant-based proteins and pasture-fed livestock, and away from grain-fed white meat, they say.   I am not a vegetarian, hopefully in my next life.  But all this has to fall into place sooner rather than later.  And what a difference it will make to our planet and to drastically cut down on the suffering of animals.


Constantly we hear reports of fatal stabbings in London and mass shootings in the USA.  Many of these fatalities are caused by young people and the victims are in the same age group.  We look at the figures shake our heads and get on with our lives.  Yet, there are countless people many times the fatality figures that were connected with the victims whose lives will never be the same again.  A loved one or a friend goes out the door never to return.  Even worse is that no one comes up with a solution or even the will to take measures to stop this slaughter.


I feel sorry for those who work so hard throughout the year and then find their holiday disrupted because of industrial action or computer malfunctions.


India is now home to nearly 3,000 tigers, a third more than it had four years ago, according to the latest tiger census.  Great news for a change as so many species great and small is seeing their numbers drop to crisis levels or actually becoming extinct.


Ethiopia may have
just shattered the world record for planting the most amount of tree
saplings in one day.   India originally set the record for planting 66 million trees during a
12-hour period back in July 2017—but now, Ethiopian officials say that they
have successfully planted over 350 million trees in a single day. The prime
minister hopes to fight the nation’s deforestation issues by planting at least
4 billion indigenous trees before October. 
Let’s hope they succeed and other countries follow their example.


A prisoner kept in solitary confinement for thirty-five years.  Lights kept on in the cell 24-7.  Guards seldom speaking to him.  No matter the crime this puts the authorities on the same level as the prisoner. 


A great furore has
erupted over Shamima Begum being granted legal
aid to
fight the decision to remove her

Even the most notorious
criminals in the UK are entitled to legal aid and to challenge a court
decision. So, she is entitled to this aid, no question about that.  I was shocked at her attitude during her
interview, but we have to keep personal views out of any decision.

Looking at this from our
Spiritual values I feel that we should also be taking into account that she was
a minor and brainwashed by professionals. 
By this I don’t mean that we should forgive and forget, but we cannot
deny this lady the rights that are open to others.

                                      We Can
Live for 240 Years

Scientists in the US have
suggested bats may hold the key to unlocking the secret to a long
life because of their ability to hibernate and fight infection, experts say.

study by the University of Maryland has found if humans were able to harness
their adaptations, mankind could live up to 240 years old. 

Have they ever heard that
life is eternal? 

We Wait Till the 11th Hour.

The human race has got into a way of
doing little or nothing until it is too late. 
We don’t want to know about, what is staring us in the face until the
eleventh hour is almost upon us. There were those who warned that a global
financial crisis was looming and no one listened.    It was the same with the overuse of plastic
and climate change.  We are happy with
the convenience of using plastic and much of what is contaminating the atmosphere.  Many an excuse is used to deny the
facts.  Few looks towards what we are
leaving for future generations.  Exactly
the same is happening with so many other things.  Corners are being cut and individuals want
their own way rather than what is best all round.