Psychic Cases

The Empty Room.

A family had wanted a psychic researcher to be present when a room in the basement of their large house was opened for the first time in 60/70 years. The information the family had was that an elderly relative had passed over in the room. Immediately after the body had been removed, the door was locked and had never had been opened since.

Being avid readers of the wild and woolly supernatural magazines, the family believed that the spirit of their relative had been roaming around the locked room for all those years  It turned out that these strange noises were only heard after the youngest daughter of the family started reading this sort of magazine. I tried my best not to judge, but it was hard not to think that the strange noises were just in the head of an impressionable young lady.

We thought the mission was going to have to be aborted before it had even begun.  The lock on the door had seized up and it took many squirts of WD40 and some twenty minutes before we managed to open the door.   

What a surprise we all got when the door was opened. The family believed that the room had been left the way it was when the old soul passed away. It turned out to be completely empty, apart from a small pink stone that had probably come off a piece of paste jewellery. I stayed in the room for around thirty minutes and I was not aware in any way of Spirit presence, much to the disappointment of the family.  All I was aware of the dust which started off my asthma.

I tried to explain to the family that there was no reason for the old lady’s spirit to remain in the room.  She would have moved over to the Spirit World to be with her family and friends.  The media has seemed to convince so many that Spirit is roaming around in an unhappy state, especially in old buildings.

Memories can be mistaken for Spirit, but I did not detect anything like that either. Our investigation was not over. We took the small stone found in the room and tried a session of a psychometry with the stone.

Next time we will look at the results of the psychometry.