Animals In Spirit

Silver Birch said “The animal cannot be left behind while man makes his evolutionary ascent”.—

I truly believe that animals survive death and continue to live with us in the spirit world.  The closer the bond with particular animals in this life will mean that we will have a close connection with them in our next life. I come to that conclusion because of my own personal experiences and in my investigations of what has happened around other people.

Our pets are spirits, just as all life is Spirit.   We invited our pets into our lives and we grieve for them when their life here comes to an end.  Part of the family is missing from our life; a friend has gone out of sight but not out of our lives forever.  There are those among us who are shunned by others in the community and the only loving connection they have is with a pet, so how could such a bond be broken forever?  Would the “great plan of life” be so cruel?

Maybe if man had kept more in tune with nature and the animal kingdom, life on our planet today would be so much better.  Man has believed that he is so supreme that off he went on an ego trip, forgetting the wisdom of Mother Nature and the Animal Kingdom and today we all suffer.

In my writings, blog and paranormal research over the months I will be touching on this subject many times.