Your Emails.

Your Emails

I paid a good sum of money to find out what was in front of me, in the next few years.  Alas all that was said to be positive, meant me being out and about to meet up with this positive force. Not a mention of COVID, the lockdown or the authorities had me almost under house arrest


Sarah, fortune telling has nothing to do with Spiritualism.   Ask for a guarantee next time.

It is as if a negative force has descended over our planet.  So much is going on in a negative fashion and I don’t just mean covid and the lockdown.


Brent, I can fully understand where you are coming from.  So many good people trying to right the wrongs of others, but at the moment negative forces appear to have the upper hand. 

Now I realize what my great grandparent must have gone through after the great flu epidemic of 1919.  Before they were just names on a bit of paper now, I feel for them so much.  They would have none of what we had during those dark days.



Tom, I was interested in your comment ‘adopt a fledgling’.  Over the years I have noticed new mediums whom I felt had a lot of potential fall by the wayside.  The reason I felt that the gap between leaving a group of fledglings and going solo was too great.  Even when two just out of the fledgling state take a service together if one had a bad night it put too much pressure on the other one.  Surely it is not too much to ask experienced mediums to take a newcomer under their wing for half a dozen services? Even though the have not been involved with their training


The fear of death cannot be that strong as many are determined to ignore the lockdown and distancing.



You bring up a good point about fledglings.  Give them plenty of support and at the same time let them develop naturally.  No pushing your way on to them as I have already said let them develop in their own time….  AH

Too many with the ability to link with spirit have been lost to the movement in the past decade.  Many reasons for this.

  1.  The tutor is desperate to show off their new protégé before they are ready.
  2.  The pupil pushes themselves forward phoning around churches to get bookings.  These days, many church committees do not check if the caller is ready for platform work.  Plus, the fact that many committee members these days don’t know what the finished article is.
  3. Unable to find a proper development circle….  K

The present-day situation of new mediums is better than it has even been.  No being told it will be many a year before you set foot on a church platform.  So many must have been put off by having to wait countless years before being considered ready….  Connor.

I agree music is a must for our services and in this day and age there is no excuse for not having music.  Nothing worse than a congregation unaccompanied struggling to sing our hymns…. BH



“Tom, I work with young and old who have problems.  Many a time music is a better tool than words that words in getting through to them at the beginning


“Music was what helped me get through my depression. I could not have done without the medication, but I music also played its part. Certain tunes seemed to get rid of the sharp edges of the darkness that surrounded me.”


“Well done the church that had a service for absent friends.  I find that small churches lead the way in keeping the true values of Spiritualism alive”.

W A.

Several comments on Ralph Walton’s ‘Making a New Spiritualism’.

“We came close to Mr. W’s dream in the past no chance of it returning”.  AB.

 “Perfectly and achievable in the 50s and 60s.  Today and in the future NO CHANCE”.



“Tom, I find the Seven Principles the perfect guidance to lead a good and Spiritual Life.  Like you I am disillusioned that the movement as a whole is pushing the Principles into the background.  It is as if we are ashamed of them. Does not Christianity promote their religion through the Bible and other religions are also proud of what they stand for?  Spiritualism wants to be all things to all people and in doing so that weakens our religion”.


I am now on my third Spiritualist Church.  I left the other two for the same reason they stopped reciting the Seven Principles at the start of the service.


All things Bright and Beautiful, amazing words.  This could have been Planet Earth if man had not put greed to the forefront of their ways.”