Helen McEwen

The New Year was only a few days old when I heard of the passing of a very special person, Helen McEwen. 
The comments about Helen on face book say it all
Medium Ricky Martin “Helen, An inspirational lady who did not let her condition get in the way of running her wee church”. 
Medium David Purdie “she was an Inspiration to us all, and especially to up and coming mediums, as Helen gave encouragement, Helen will be sadly missed, at Toryglen
Kate Walker “Helen was a kind and caring person, she never let her condition get in the way of what she wanted to do in life, she will be sadly missed!”
I can honestly say that in knowing Helen for almost twenty-years I never heard her moan once.  Even being in such poor health in recent years it did not stop her genuinely caring for others. Once you met Helen you would never forget her.  The first time I saw Helen was at the Jocelyn Square Spiritualist Church, she was on the platform.
The Toryglen Church is a small church but over the years it has given a lot of help and comfort to so many people in the area

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