my Diary … In the past thirty-nine years … The suffering and death that is legal … The New Danger In Our Midst.

                                                                        My Diary…

26th –  I took the morning service at the Edinburgh
Association of Spiritualists (SNU) at The Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Centre, 25
Palmerston Place, Edinburgh EH12 5AP.
1st – The
start of our new venture on a Wednesday evenings at the Glasgow
Association.  I take a class on
“Understanding Our Psychic Abilities. 
3rd-7th –  Four days at the Glasgow Association (SNU)
and that in includes four services, a development circle and private sittings.
8th March –
Our Philosophy evening at the GAS.  Both
Isabel and I enjoyed listening to a talk by Vice President Derek Connor.
11th – I
travel to Falkirk to take the service at Falkirk Spiritualist Church (SNU), 8
Burnhead Ln, Falkirk FK1 1UG.  This
church has been running for many years and at this time could do with a little
more support.  So, why not go along to
their services.
15th – Back
at the Glasgow Association to take part in “Our Spiritual Experiences and
23rd – I
attended The Phoenix Spiritual Centre, Volunteers Rooms, Irvine KA12 0BA for
the first time.   and I received a great
welcome from Anne Smith and those attending.    
Its AGM time for our
churches and after being co-opted on to the committee last June I got voted in
last month to serve a two-year term. 
Good news at our AGM, membership is up and those  attending our healing services has greatly
increased.  We have also followed on from
last year’s philosophy classes to have the same monthly class this year and
also evenings on meditation, understanding your psychic abilities and our
spiritual experiences and discussion. 
                                                           In the past thirty-nine years

Thirty-nine years on 19th
March that my mother passed to spirit. 
That made me think on what has changed in all these years.  Would my mother be in favour of the changes
or not?  

My mother died as the
result of that terrible disease cancer.  
Even knowing that cancer is a group name for over 200 different
diseases, I wonder if we are as far forward in tackling this disease as we
should be?  In the past four decades, we
have made progress in so many different areas in the treatment of cancers.  Progress in understanding the disease,
detecting cancer, cancer care, surgery, radio therapy, chemotherapy, targeted
treatment, prevention and awareness. 
Yet, have we done enough? 

Almost on a daily basis
we hear of someone being diagnosed with this disease or having died of it.  Very few walk past a donation box for cancer
charities without giving a donation, knowing that this illness could attack any
of us at any time.  Vast sums of money
have been donated by ordinary people to fight cancer as has governments.  But… has the latter done enough?  Have they got their priorities, right?  Governments around the world spend billions
on weaponry, space exploration and employ the top brains to work on these
projects.  Even if a small percentage of
what has been spend on these areas had been targeted our biggest enemy of all –
cancer –  then there would be fewer
casualties today
 All is not doom and
gloom on the medical side.  Many diseases
have been eradicated or at least sufferers of long-term illness now lead a
better quality of life than then would have done 40-years-ago.  Transplant surgery has been come extremely
successful, yet many needing transplant surgery die because of lack of donor
organs.  Even worse, the donor’s family
not allowing the organs to be taken.    
Surely in a loving and caring society there would be a glut of organ
donation offers rather than a deficit? 
That comes down to Spiritualism’s 5th principle – Personal
Maybe we Spiritualists
need to take personal responsibility and if the above worries us we should do
more about it. Stop all the in-fighting in our churches and organizations.  Keep in constant contact with our local and
national politicians, health boards and keep these issues to the forefront in
our social media forums.  Yes, we can
pray, but we need to do more on a personal basis.  
                                                          The suffering and death that is legal.
In Britain, we like to be known as a
nation of animal lovers. Whenever we hear of dog fighting, badger baiting and
bullfighting we hold our hands up in horror. Yet, we have a so-called sport in
this country that is equally horrific and it is legal. This so-called sport is
horse racing and takes the lives of many horses every year. The wastage in this
so-called-sport is high.  My main concern
are the horses that collapse and die during or just after a race.  I look on this as they are being raced to
death.   Eight of the forty-seven horses
that have died on the racecourse this year have been in this category
I do not look on horse racing as a
sport, but a massive frightening industry – which it is.
  Not only royalty, the richest people on our
planet are attracted to own a horse the ordinary man in the street can now
become a part owner paying only a few £’s a month through being part of a
syndicate.  Even having a bet in a horse
race funds this industry via betting tax.
I was not going to mention the range of
injuries that horses suffer on the race track not to upset anyone.  But, I will as so much of the pain, stress
that these magnificent creatures suffer is swept under the carpet.  The fatal injuries recorder this year on the
race course, broken legs, knees,  necks, spinal injuries and of course collapsing
through suffering a heart-attack.
In my next blog – can we really be a
true spiritualist if we support this industry?
– Stephanie Wilson.
                                                The New Danger In Our Midst.
Before I entered the car for my first
driving lesson, my driving instructor – a retired army sergeant – told me the
following as he tapped the roof of the car. 
“This is a lethal weapon if it is
not maintained and handled correctly. 
Every time you turn on the ignition you are responsible for what could
be a lethal weapon – as lethal as any weapon I used in my army days
”.  Something I have never forgot when getting
into my car.
The incidents of vehicles driving into
crowds in Nice, the German Christmas market and the on-Westminster bridge is
not what my driving instructor was thinking about, but it adds a new sinister
dimension to our everyday safety. 

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