Only one church service last week and it was the first time I had attended Stranraer Spiritualist Church.  Not only a great welcome from Marie and Linda but a wonderful relaxing and cosy atmosphere in the church. This church is way out on a limb as far as Spiritualist churches in Scotland are concerned as our nearest churches to this town are Dumfries 73-miles east and Cumnock  64-miles to the north.  So it is great to see the Stranraer church shining so brightly in the SE of Scotland.
A big part of the rest of the week was taken up by taking time for those who have contacted myself or a Spiritualist church for help, answers, information etc.  What maybe should be termed as ‘pastoral work’, maybe something that is a bit overlooked in spiritualism as not all are looking for ‘sittings’ etc
A few weeks ago I overheard a conversation by a group of people waiting for a healing service to start and they rhymed off the mediums they had seen in the past year.  It left me wondering if they could name the spiritualist healers they had attended in the past twelve months?  Our healers should not be taken for granted because they work as hard as mediums
Now to answer some of your questions; –
Joe asks, “If there was a league table of religions in Britain where would Spiritualism be?
Hi Joe – The last article I saw on this was that Spiritualism was said to be the 8th largest religion in the UK and that I believe was taken from the results from the 2001 National census.  So within the next year new data will come to light from the 2011 census.  I have no doubt our numbers will be up in the past ten years but will that be enough to move us up a position or two? We will have to wait and see.
Angela’s question is – “What is mental mediumship
Mental mediumship occurs when a spirit sends messages through the mind of the medium. This can produce phenomena such as:
Clairvoyance: Seeing spirits
Clairaudience: Hearing spirits
Clairsentience: Sensing spirits in some other way
What are “Spirit beings?” asks Leslie
Spirit beings are people who have physically died and moved to the spirit world.
Spiritualists believe that people do this regardless of their allegiance to a particular faith or even their lack of faith.
Spiritualists believe that spirit beings can ‘show’ themselves (or in some way make themselves known) to people in the material world.
James comments “When I attended Spiritual services in the late 80s and early 90s at times I was the only male in the congregation, is it still the same, mostly females attend your services?”
I know where you are coming from James.  My first Spiritualist church was ASK in Stewarton and there were a good few male members of our church, but when I went out taking services at other churches in Ayrshire it was often 100%  female congregations.  When I stepped on the platform of my first Glasgow church, Jocelyn Square at the Saltmarket, I was surprised to see so many men in the congregation.  I remember counting them to try and forget how nervous I was and the male attence that night was 40%.  Now in Ayrshire and in other parts of Scotland the difference between male and female is far less pronounced

I had a very enjoyable evening on Wednesday 20th, taking Maureen Land’s development circle.  Maureen, one of the old school is bringing on her group slowly, knowing that the development of mediumship requires, time and above all, patience.  It was a pleasure to work with the group and they excelled in the tasks I put to them.

On Thursday I was travelling north and east to the Arbroath Spiritualist Centre.  George and Margaret Faulkner have put a lot of hard work into the centre and have been stalwarts in the SNU for many years.   Margaret is President of the Scottish and Irish District Council, an excellent medium, and tutor, who spends a lot of her time furthering our religion in Germany.  George is now Vice President of the S&IDC after being treasurer for many years.  The Centre’s address is 20-22 Commerce Street, Arbroath

On Saturday it was again north and east but not so far this time, to ASK, Dunfermline for their ‘open day’.  The rain did not stop a good turn out and I hope a pleasant time was had by all who attended.  Jock McArthur, Kerry McLeod medium and tutor, and a very enthusiastic committee provide varied workshops and special events throughout the year.

Norm sent me an email asking to explain the SNU’s 2nd Principle: –
The Brotherhood of Man
All human beings are members of one divine family because they spring from the same creative force.
Each person should understand the needs of other individuals in order to assist them
Spiritualists must look not only to the material necessities of their fellow creatures but also to their spiritual needs…………
I take my ‘psychic research’ seriously and keep it completely separate from my church work.  Last week a letter gave a big boost to our small team who work hard in this area.  For sixteen years I have worked a lot with “psychometry” (The ability or art of divining information about people or events associated with an object solely by touching or being near to it.)   Our small dedicated group try to be as professional as we can and in 90% of our research we never know anything about what we are working with. 

This sort of thing is not an exact science and as well as a lot of success we have had our failures as well. Four years ago we appeared not to have got a single thing right about a small vase that had been sent to us from abroad.  Not valuable, but we got nothing at all that could connect with the person who had been the owner of the vase for half a century.  That has to be accepted in this sort of work, so the results were filed away and forgotten about.  Then one day last week a letter arrived from the curator of the small museum that sent us the vase.  On its return the item was then wrongly labelled, so it now turns out that the information we collected was much better that was first thought.  

I left last week free of church services to have a few days away and to catch up on my research and other interests.  Devon was meant to be my destination and I was looking forward to meeting a friend whom I have been involved with in psychic research for many years. So I was disappointed as I had to change my plans at the last moment. We were based in Folkestone and went on trips to Dover, Canterbury, and through the Channel Tunnel for a day in Bruges, one of my favourite European cities.  There I managed to meet up with Lars, a Belgium friend. 
Lars has been involved in psychic research for many years and is so disillusioned with British psychics, who he claims have got to find a spirit in every corner of every old building.  We first got in contact several years ago when I was asked to visit a 250-year-old farmhouse. 
A newly married couple had moved into what they considered to be their dream home only to be told by a guest at their house warming party, “The building is infested with spirits and they will have to be re moved.”     What an expression to use and to come out with it in the middle of such a happy event  The new owners were shattered to say the least,  their religion could not accept this sort of thing, and they were soon expecting their first baby.  I was asked to go out to the house without having any knowledge of what had been said. Apart from a real nice comfortable feeling I did not experience anything else.  I then spent two hours trying to explain to the couple that ‘spirits’ have their new lives to lead elsewhere and just because the house was 250-years-old did not automatically mean that there had to be ‘spirits’ attached to the building.  They said that they felt I was only trying to give them a bit of comfort and not being entirely honest with them, even though they knew I had been told nothing about the situation before I went to the house.  I suggested that they contact another spiritualist medium, someone not from the area, someone who would not know me so I could not pass information on to them.  They contacted Lars who was working in the UK at that time and he arranged for a spiritual medium who had worked with him in the past, to visit the farm house.  She was also kept in the dark as to what was said at the house warming party and her report was roughly the same as mine.  She felt a nice cosy feeling and was not aware of any ‘spirit’.
There is not a happy ending to this story as the new parents were never comfortable in the house, even though they never once sensed spirit themselves.  The new addition to the family slept all night and was content during the day and their r two dogs and a cat never seemed to be disturbed in any way.  When the little girl was four-months they sold the house
Did the lady at the house warming really sense spirit?  Was the sense so strong that she had to mention it to her hosts and make such a song and dance about it?    Or had she been watching too much TV and the wrong type of programmes?
Her words actually frightened the couple out of their new home.  There could have been spirit there that night, but why that night and that night alone?   Maybe the loved-ones of the family who have passed-over were joining in the celebrations.  This would be a common occurrence and nothing sinister in that.  Both Lars and I have spoken to two families who had owned the house before the young couple and also the present owners, neither having been aware of spirit in the house. We have also checked out the history of the farm and the land surrounding it with nothing appearing to explain why that young lady came out with such an outburst that led a young family to move on.    
Psychic research is about getting answers to why there might be a ‘spirit presence’, why spirit is making themselves known at a particular time and place.  We have come up with no answers as to why on the night of the house warming, apart from spirit family members that may have been joining in the celebrations, spirit should have upset the guest in the way that she said they did 
Like mediumship, these days psychic research can lean towards entertainment instead of religion and true research.  No genuine spiritual medium or psychic researcher would go to such a party and come out with such a statement.
Now to a more upbeat story; –
I received an email from a gentleman who had been getting treatment from his GP for a few months   half way through the treatment the patient mentioned to his doctor “I am also going for spiritualist healing”.  The GP smiled and said nothing.  When the medication was stopped the GP said to the patient “be sure to continue with your spiritual healing”.  Jim thought the doctor was being sarcastic and said this to him.  The GP replied “The medication has stopped but you are not back to full health, I have seen the benefits of spiritual healing and I genuinely ask you to continue with this.”  A little different from spiritual healers telling patients that have to keep on with the doctor’s treatment.
My time away has meant that I have not got my letters of complaint away on what happened in last week’s Grand National. But that will be rectified in the next few days .  The Scottish Grand National which was run on Saturday saw the death of two horses, not as the result of falls; but being pushed beyond what their bodies could take. So that will mean as well as contacting the British Horse Racing Authority also contacting the Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to a different organization from the RSPCA, which only deals with matters in England and Wales.
Sunday 3rd April saw me heading towards a church with a long
history…   Bathgate Christian Spiritualist Church was founded in 1946 by Mr & Mrs Henry Thomson, Mrs McDonald and Mrs Charlotte Fairie.  The church was passed to the descendants of Mrs Fairie, Mary and the Rev Brian Pitt in 1977 and has been in their care and keeping ever since.  Brian and Mary’s daughter the Rev Mhairi Derby-Pitt is very active with church work and in the Community
Monday evening I was at the Cumnock Spiritualist church and received the usual warm welcome.  It is good to see Spiritualism being so successful in this area, as at one time there was a gap between the Ayr and Dumfries as far as Spiritualist Churches were concerned.  Now we have Cumnock, Catrine and Stranraer which are all well attended.
Thursday getting to Scottish Progressive Spiritualist Church at Langside Halls in Glasgow was a nightmare, because of a long diversion that crawled along at a snail’s pace. Then when arriving it took over twenty minutes to get the car parked in the Shawlands Cross area.  There was a good turn out and maybe that was the reason for no parking place for me, the congregation had taken them all.  I hope a good night was had by all.  President Anne McCucheon was looking well after her recent operation.
Two campaigns that I have been involved with for many years are the plight of the Tibetan people and the suffering of racehorses.  It is the latter that took up my full attention this week, and especially the Aintree’s Grand National meeting.  This a meeting where there have been THIRTY-THREE tragedies in the past ELEVEN YEARS   

This year one horse perished on the course on the first day, two in the Grand National its self.  But the finish of this race this year was where the real horror was witnessed.  The winning horse was constantly given hefty cracks of the whip from the last fence to the winning post.  So bad was this that the winning rider was handed a five-day ban for excessive use of the whip.   Worse was to come when the jockey immediately had to dismount the exhausted horse, for it to be given oxygen and doused with water.  These scenes were barbaric to say the least and surely must be Britain’s equivalent to Spain’s bull fighting.

A more sickening spectacle was to follow as we saw on our television screens the back-slapping and jubilation of connections of the horse and others of the racing fraternity.  These scenes were beyond belief of an industry that says it loves the horse.  They have a strange way of showing it.

It is unbelievable that such a thing is allowed to happen in Britain in 2011.  Surely excessive use of the whip on a horse should mean that the connections of the animal do not make any gain whatsoever from that win, that the horse is disqualified and placed last.  . The rider of the second gave his hose a few cracks in keeping to the rules and he loses the race, is that fair?    I don’t think it is fair for racehorses to be whipped at all unless it is to straighten them out to avoid an accident.

I have always said that Spiritualism is the quiet religion, but if we are going to mention animals in our prayers is it not time we protested about the treatment of the racehorse in racing?  It is not just the Grand National that horses are fatally injured on the racecourse it has been reported by one animal organization that  676 animals have perished on British racecourses in the past 1490 racing days.  That does not include injury to horses that can walk from the course but will never race again.  Also there is the horse that falls during a race, there has to be a lot of pain for the animal as usually the fall takes place when the animal is jumping a fence at racing speed.  The commentator may say that the horse has got up and if OK as if there is no pain involved.

We all have our causes where we think there is injustice, I feel strongly about this cause and as a committed Spiritualist I feel that once again I have to bombard all and sundry with my complaints of what happened on Aintree racecourse on 9/4/11 and on British racecourses on a regular basis.

Anyone who feels as strongly on this issue as I do, I ask you to consider writing a letter/email of complaint to the British Horseracing Authority, RSPCA and your MP.  If you are not happy with the reply then keep writing and writing until they do take notice.

There is a young jockey in a critical condition after a heavy fall at Aintree of Friday.

I have included a couple of drawings by Kerry New – Psychic Artist on the ‘photo’s page’ this week.

Last week saw me in Inverness for three days. 
On Monday I took the service at the Inverness Spiritualist Church (SNU) at the Smithton Hall.  This church is always well supported with a very active committee which has done a lot over the years to promote spiritualism in the North of Scotland. But Monday night was the end of an era for this church, as husband and wife Rupert and Niki    Baxter-Smith stepped down from the committee.  Niki as president for almost a decade Rupert, treasurer for the same length of time. The church will still be in good hands as Karen Collesso, an excellent medium and tutor, has taken over as president.    With Karen and her committee, and mixture of old and new, the church will continue going from strength to strength like it has done for more than a decade.  Rupert and Niki will not be disappearing from the church as spiritualism is a big part of their lives and they will still be attending on a regular basis as they have done for so many years.
On Tuesday it was  private-sittings for the Smithston Church in the morning, a look around Inverness in the afternoon, spending most of my time in Waterstone’s book shop and then another service at night.  This time Dalneigh Spiritualist Church which again is a long running and well supported church with dedicated committee members.
On Wednesday it was twenty miles further north to the Spiritual Haven Spiritualist Church in Alness in the Perrins Centre.  Nina Stevens and a small group has worked hard to get this church up and running.  Alness is an interesting town with some interesting shops. This is a new church which is been going for just over a year with Nina  
A friend told me this week that a comment from an individual left him speechless, “I did not think you lot (Spiritualists) believed in a God”. Just like a lady once said to me “I am surprised you say prayers at your little get-togethers, why do you do that?”  I suppose that is to be expected and I cannot laugh or shake my head in horror as there is so much I don’t know about other religions. 
Since I came into Spiritualism I have on occasions went to services of other denominations, never saying I was a Spiritualist or a medium unless I was asked and when I did say, the look and comments from those who asked the questions ranged from very interested to downright shocked and angry.  I am happy to say that the latter was only on an odd occasion>  One lady really surprised me with her first comment, and it was the same with another comment to me many years later.  The first time she said to me “I am really angry at your so-called church/religion – it gives people false hope”.  I got the wrong end of the stick so to speak, as this lady was not referring to the clairvoyance as I had thought, but to “spiritual healing”.  A good few years later I noticed that he own church was promoting “healing services” so I mentioned this to her and her reply was “We only have qualified healers”.    
Now let me quote from the SNU Healing Committee’s web-page; –
The Healing Committee aims to promote and encourage the practice, study, and investigation into the art and science of spiritual healing and is responsible for the registration and administration of SNU Spiritualist healers. Aims to promote and encourage the practice, study, and investigation into the art and science of spiritual healing and is responsible for the registration and administration of SNU Spiritualist healers.”    
Other spiritual healing organizations have their own procedures and training.
I am not criticising the lady above as she is a very caring person who does so much to help others that are less fortunate than herself but maybe she should not be so critical till she knows the facts..
For many years I have had concerns for the treatment of racehorses, This coming week sees the Grand National Meeting at Aintree and in the past four years this meeting has claimed the deaths of 15 horses on the track, then there are the horses that are injured but mange to walk off the track which I have no figures for..
2010 – FIVE fatalities.
2009 – FIVE fatalities.
2008 – THREE fatalities
2007 – TWO fatalities.
Maybe think twice before you put on a bet or take part in an office sweepstake?
Later in the week I will be displaying some drawings of Kerry New, psychic artist on my photo’s page.
On the 2Oth I had one of the few Sundays so far this year without a service, and in fact, the only service I had last week being at Neilson, on Tuesday.   Sheila Caruthers is President of this busy church and an excellent medium in her own right. Sheila was one of the first mediums I saw on the platform when I entered spiritualism twenty-years-ago. 
But instead of having a lazy week I was as busy as ever. 
Things have changed greatly since I entered the Spiritualism movement twenty-years ago, which is only to be expected, but I wonder if it is for the better?  When I started attending a spiritualist church, I knew nothing about sitting in circle or even wanted too.  It did not want to appear impolite at turning down a request to sit in the ‘open circle’ that I took my first step into what was going to be a long journey, a journey that is still continuing.  I found it interesting and eventually applied to be accepted at the next intake for the ‘development circle’.  It was never in my mind at this stage, or even close to the end of the three year course, to target platform work.  All I wanted was to understand my psychic abilities and know more about how spirit work with us.
This was a ‘closed circle’ that had an intake each year and lasted for three years, with a different circle leader in charge each year.    The whole structure was well planned, taking one from learning about themselves, our spirit abilities and how work spirit with us.   All done slowly, giving one time to mature within their own personal abilities.  No certificates, no rushing on to the platform before the three years was up, or even a guarantee that one would be on the platform at the end of those three years.  Many in the circle were not sitting to be platform mediums but they benefited from those three years as it helped them in the lives, occupations etc. 
There are many one day or weekend workshops run by individuals these days but I do not feel this does the same job of helping one to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities slowly and steadily to their full potential.
Then there was the cost…  Almost all the development and  learning that I and many others had at ASK Stewarton, was only the church membership fee   Today for the individual, such training can be costly and that is why last week, being a quiet week for churches which I had planned, I spent several days taking workshops at little or no cost to those attending.   I took a meditation class for those who feel that it is impossible to still their mind, not to link-with spirit, just to have a little relaxing time without their mind being unable to switch off.    Working with a small group for a few hours in trying to get the key for each individual to make it easier for them to calm their mind. 
A full day of working with those who cannot find a circle to sit in.  There are many reasons for this, there is no spiritualist church or private circle near them, and they don’t have the time, or do not want to give the commitment to being part of a circle week in week out.  They have no ambition to appear on the platform of a church or to give private sittings, they just want to understand more about why spirit is around them and if they can use this in helping others etc.
Then another type of evening I enjoy, giving a talk on spiritualism with questions afterwards.  Such evenings usually run over time.
I am not saying that the way I came though my development is the only way, but I feel that I am a better person/medium because I had this training all from the one source and a well thought out course over the three years.  Like anything, slowly bringing to maturity usually gets better results than forced growth.
I sympathise with those starting out today on their spiritual journey, that the only way open for many is to seek the odd course/workshop here and there.  And that the cost of some of those courses can be prohibitive to many especially with high unemployment and pay freezes that affect many at this time.
For those in Glasgow and surrounding area Irene McGilvery and Bill Thompson are taking workshops at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists throughout 2011.  I will look for anything suitable in other areas of Scotland and let you know about them in later blogs.
Why am I not practicing what I preach?  A good question.  With my travelling around to churches and doing pastoral work that I feel spirit has pointed me towards, an area that I feel is sorely neglected in spiritualism, I do not have the time.  But I do leave blanks weeks in my diary to do what I can in this area.
13/3/11 – After the AGM at Glasgow Spiritualist Association it was down the M77 to Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU) for the Divine Service.  There was a heavy downpour just as those going to attend the church would be thinking of leaving home, but that did not deter them as there was a good attendance.  Next time I am at the Church I must ask the committee if I can take a photograph of their amazing stain glass window and put it on this site for you all to see.
On Wednesday as I made my way to the Culmodden Drive Spiritualist Church, Maryhill, a hazardous journey in dodging pothole after pothole on the road, missing them all but the largest… grrr .  Has the Glasgow City Council Road’s department forgotten all about this part of the city?      But it was worth it as there is always a friendly welcome awaiting all who enter the doors of this church.  Angela (President) made an interesting comment while we were having a cup of tea.  It was about how the Japanese people in the areas of their country stricken by the massive earthquake and tsunami, were all pulling together and helping each other.  There were no media reports of looting that usually follows such disasters. 
Maybe the world would be a better place if we all took a more general sense of social responsibility that’s very fundamental to Japan.  Part of that is self-regulation on the part of individuals; part of it is a society in which people are very conscious of their reputations in the eyes of their neighbours.  I have a friend in Japan and I have always been amazed at the high sense of responsibility she has to keep up the good name of her family, community and country. 
On Saturday I travelled to the SNU church in Albany Street, Edinburgh, for the Scottish and Irish District Council’s AGM.  Although this DC covers a wide area it would be nice to see a few more members attend this meeting and getting into meaningful discussion on how we can promote our religion as a religion, separating it from so much that seems to pushing towards entertainment and commercial business. 
Sunday 7th saw me over in Fife taking the service at Dunfermline ASK (Association of Spiritualists).  Jock McArthur and the church committee work hard to promote our spiritualist movement.  On every visit to Fife churches I always stop of at Ilarno’s in Kincardine for a fish tea.  They serve up the best fish supper in Scotland, well in my opinion.
On the Tuesday was off to the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church in Sunnyside Road.  A church that has been serving the local community for many years.
On Thursday it was an honour to attend Toryglen Church, a church whose founder and president moved to the spirit world only a short time ago.  I have mentioned Helen McEwen in an earlier blog.  Helen, although in poor health for many years, gave great inspiration to us all as she always had a smile on her face and I never once heard her moan.  It is great to see Bobbie keeping the church going and the people of Toryglen supporting the church.
Friday was a shorter trip to the Pyramid Spiritualist Church, Pollock, Glasgow. There is always a warm welcome from Jean, Sarah and Isobel and the rest of the committee.
Still on my travels on Saturday, leaving Beith with several inches of snow on the ground, the destination Glasgow Central Spiritualist Church to do sittings at their coffee afternoon.  Although the weather was terrible there still was a good turnout.
With all that and visiting those who have asked for help from churches I have been burning the midnight oil when writing a couple of articles on spiritualism but I am certainly not complaining.
One thing that amazes those looking at the spiritual movement for the first time is that in Scotland every night of the week there are spiritual services taking place.  Yes, even Friday and Saturday nights and they are well attended. 
The scenes on our television screens of the earthquake and tsunami that has devastated Japan are worse that any scenes from a Hollywood disaster movie.  After watching such a movie we can walk away knowing that all those on screen were actors and came to no harm.  But what we are seeing unfold on our TV screens involves real people, people like you and me.  After the fear of the earthquake and tsunami those who have survived have to face the reality of having lost family, friends, homes and all their possessions.  I cannot begin to image that what it would be like to be in the survivor’s shoes.  Then there is the coming weeks without clean running water, electricity and all that entails.  PC, TV, electricity, tap water, forgo anyone of these for twenty four hours and see how we would feel.  I doubt I would last a full day without turning on a switch or a tap.  The Japanese people caught up in this disaster will have to put up with all of this and more for many years to come.  The media are quick to show scenes from natural disasters, rightly so, but soon drop the story although years of suffering lie ahead for those involved.
Let’s send out a prayer to all horses taking part in this year’s Cheltenham National Festival (?) which starts tomorrow. Thirty-two horses have died at this meeting in the past ten years.
Last Sunday I was at the   Love and Friendship Spiritualist Church, Langside Halls, Glasgow.  As is the norm there was a large turnout.  Maureen Land is President and she runs an excellent development circle (closed).  Maureen is one of the ‘old school’ who believes as I do that it takes time to develop for ‘platform work.
Thursday saw me at Gourock’s Lighthouse Spiritualist Church.  My first time at this church as its has only been open for a month.  Jenny Laferty is the President; she has been an active member of the Spiritualist movement for many years and is a week ken’t face in Gourock.
In my last blog I mentioned being close to a fatal accident on my way home. Well, on leaving Langside Halls on Sunday there was a cyclist lying on the road a few yards from my car.  I would have expected both ambulance and police to have been at the scene quicker than they were.  As far as I know the cyclist was not too badly injured Then on Thursday morning as I was on my way to see someone I come across a serious accident on a B road where either a police or ambulance helicopter was in attendance. . Many of us look on ourselves as good drivers and maybe become too complacent.  In the second it takes to change a CD or look at our navigational system a hazard can loom up in front of us and it may be too late to take evasive action. 
The AGMs at many of our churches take place this month and although it may seem appealing to get on a church committee and make decisions on the running of the church, it is a lot of hard work.  It is a commitment without much, if any praise.   There have been times when our churches have closed because they could not get enough people to come on to the committee.  I am still shocked at the closure in 1998 of the Langside SNU Spiritualist Church which had been flying the flag of spiritualism in that area for sixty-two years, because of lack of committee members.  A few years before it closed it was renamed but I cannot remember its new name.  Maybe someone can remind me.
Two victims of the Afghanistan campaign were flown home on the same aircraft, a dog handler and his dog, well done the MOD.    This should not be a surprise to anyone as the  MOD do take good care of their dogs injured in active service. Dogs injured in the field in Afghanistan are flown to Camp Bastion, just like human soldiers and then flow on to bases in Germany and Britain for further treatment if needed..  It has now been accepted by many vets that dogs can return from the front line suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder
Hmmmmm I have just found out that I am a character in my friend Kirsten’s book.   “The Firefighter” is a short ghost story with a spiritual twist. Available to buy from for £6.99 + postage. Look under the name Kirsten Campbell.   The book is expensive for a short story; this is not the fault of the author.  If it is ever made into a film I wonder who would play my part?
From Friday 18th to Tuesday 22nd I was busy at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists (SNU).    This Association has been running since 1866 and have been occupying the present building since 1970.  The church building is used five days a week and that means a lot of hard work for the committee.  The church also has a very interesting museum.  Anyone wishing to know more about the Glasgow Associating should click on to their web site. 
No more churches for the remainder of the week but I was busy with what I believe to be an equally important part of being a medium, taking time for those who contact churches and ask for help. 
There are many who find it interesting or even surprising at Spiritualism’s reaction to animals.  Many other religions certainly mention animals in their prayers but there is little mention of our pets moving to “their heaven”, as we know they move to our spirit world.  Many among us find this world a lonely place and their only friend is a pet.  Look at the stories over the years of dogs and cats that have travelled countless miles to be reunited with their beloved owner.  Surely that strong bond will not be broken forever when one or the other leaves their physical body?  Surely if man/woman moves to a higher plain then the creatures who have given them so much love and loyalty will be with them also on the other side? 
I am really impressed with Annette Lavelle’s book of poems “From Spirit with Love”…  It would make a wonderful gift or be great for a church which reads out a poem at their service each week.  Another of Annette’s poems can be seen on the poetry page this week.  Anyone interested in purchasing this book can contact;-
We have all seen terrible scenes unlevel in New Zealand and Libya this week where the death toll in both counties has been high.   One incident caused by nature and the other by man’s inhumanity to man, but tragedy is always just around the corner for someone.  The other night I was travelling on the motorway just after midnight and I was muttering away to myself at having to leave the motorway because of diversion signs.  The following morning I discovered the reason for the diversion was a fatal accident.
The healing book is slowly starting to fill up, remember to contact me if you know anyone that could benefit from being in the ‘healing book’.