My Diary… Hell here on Earth… Spirit Guides on Strike? … Racism on the rise… Spiritual Mediums serve people both living and dead … Trance – You’ve either got the ability (some would say gift) or you haven’t


                                                             My Diary…

2nd –  A short
twenty-mile drive to the Free Spirit Spiritualist, Church, Kilmarnock.
7th – A bit further afield to the Coatbridge
Spiritualist Church.
10th – As always a great welcome from the committee and
members of Perth Spiritualist Church. (SNU)
15th – Back to Ayrshire and to the Cumnock Spiritualist
Church. 16th – ASK Neilson Spiritualist Church.
16th – My shortest journey of the month – 10 miles – the
Neilston Spiritualist Church.
17th – I took the service at Kilmarnock Spiritualist
Church (SNU).  This is a big year for the
as they celebrated their 80th anniversary.
                                                                Hell here on Earth.

HELL is not in another
dimension.  HELL is here on earth for many people. 
When we think of all the technology, money and medicines we have at
our disposal in this day and age, we should be ashamed at the suffering we have
all around us.
A three-hour truce was arranged for the Syrian city of Aleppo to
let humatarian supplies into the city. 
After those three hours it was OK to use chlorine gas, drop oil drum
bombs and Internationally banned cluster bombs on to markets.    Innocent men, women and children are maimed
and killed on an hourly basis.  One day
this month it was reported that there were two-hundred airstrikes on the
For those civilians managing to flee the city and the country their
plight is not over by any means.  For
some it is to the safety of refugee camps in neighbouring countries, but their
future looks bleak many will be destined to live the rest of their lives in
these camps.  We have to praise two small
neighbouring countries, Jordan and the Lebanon. 
Both countries have set up massive refugee camps on their territories
and doing their best to make them as comfortable as they can for the refugees.  It is shameful that other countries in the area are refusing to
help in this humanitarian crisis.
                                                                  Spirit Guides on Strike?

 The pioneers of modern day Spiritualism used to look upon the link
with the Spirit World and this dimension with awe, wonder and respect.  Today it is looked upon as a cash cow and a
road to fame.  This priceless
communication link is being abused by all and sundry these days – or is it?

We constantly hear that “mediumship’
is not the same as it used to be”. 
that be because Spirit is not participating as fully as they did in the past? Our
Guides are willing to work on a long-term partnership with us, but are not
willing to be used and abused?  In some cases,
not participating at all at some demonstrations? 
The more we put in – the more we get back.  Could that be the cause that both mental and
physical mediumship not being as strong and as accurate as in the past?
Mediums are not taking the time to learn, understand and slowly
develop a close relationship with our guides and the Spirit World?
Few mediums are willing to sit alone in a room quietly linking with
the Spirit World before they take a service like they did in the past.  I am guilty of this also and the few times I
take that solitude the link is usually stronger.
Think of it – a loved one who feels the need to make contact from
the Spirit World through a medium – what options do they have?
A church where there is reverence and respect and a lovely
atmosphere or a pub setting where drink is available and even a cabaret where
the medium/psychic is only part of the evening’s entertainment.  The other acts could be fire-eaters, belly
dancers and so much more that is associated with entertainment.
This wonderful link between our different dimensions is far greater
than the whole Internet set-up so this should be used for good – not abused.

If there is to be a non-profitmaking communication 


                                                                      Racism on the

My two sisters and I were brought up never to judge anyone by the colour
of their skin or their religion.  To
judge someone on their actions or what they said was a different matter.  But… with the latter only after we found out
why they were talking or acting in such a way we felt was wrong.
Alas – after of appearing to be going in the right direction racism
and religious intolerance is rearing its ugly- head again.  The backlash is that so many innocent people
will suffer.  Innocent people who just
want to lead a normal life.  Political
leaders around the world are using these intolerances to suit their own agenda
and making the situation worse.
The human race is abusing the freewill it has been given instead of
using it to make life better for all. 

                                        Spiritual Mediums
serve people both living and dead, 

Spiritual Mediums serve people both living and dead, they bridge the gap” were the first
words I got out on a talk on Spiritualism and before I could say anything else
– the following comments came from those in front of me.
That gap is not meant to be
bridged”. “It is wrong, for those here to bridge that gap, in fact it is an
evil act to try to bridge that gap”.
The gap cannot be bridged unless Spirit wants to make contact.  And as far as being evil what evil is there
in family and friends communicating from the Spirit World in a gentle friendly
manner.  A medium has less power than
many people think, Spirit has got to want to communicate.  The medium brings forward Joe Smith to
communicate because his wife is sitting in the church that particular
evening.  If Joe is to come forward, then
he must think that there is great need for him to communicate.
                                 Trance – You’ve either got the ability (some would say gift) or you haven’t
I keep seeing posts about courses that ‘teach’ trance
mediumship. I stand to be corrected but in my view you can’t teach trance.
You’ve either got the ability (some would say gift) or you haven’t. I’ve run
many development groups over the years but in my experience you can only
encourage and facilitate what is already there. True trance mediumship is a
high form of mediumship and quite rare, unlike other psychic abilities. I would
never state that I could teach trance to anyone.
Please tell me how you ‘teach’ a guide to connect with a medium? You can advise
on how to attune and enter an altered state, but it spirit who have the
control, not the sitter. So please, let’s get real and make some attempt to
return to proper teaching when it comes to this type of development, not pseudo
‘teaching’ that panders to the ego. Even Gordon Higginson, whom I have worked
with and who knew a thing or two about trance, said that ‘mediums are born, not

Encourage, guide, inspire but please, don’t
mislead. We want higher standards of mediumship, not lower.
Ron Goodwin

My Diary… Scotland’s Proud History… Your comments on Mr Quastel’s Vision on Spiritualism… “We Are all Equal”… We are all on the frontline…


                                                           My Diary…
3rd – I was off to the Kingdom of Fife to
take the service at the Dunfermline Spiritualist Church (SNU) 3 Lady Campbell
Walk, Dunfermline, KA12 0QH.
10th / 11th –  Further north this time to the usual great
highland welcome from committee and members of the Inverness Spiritualist
Church (SNU) Smithton Hall, Smithton, IV2 7NP. 
I hope that those attending the workshop on Sunday enjoyed it as much as
I did.  Tremendous enthusiasm by the
members of this church to understand their psychic abilities, knowledge on how
Spirit work with us and about their religion. 
The committee have an excellent training programme that nurtures and
helps this enthusiasm to slowly mature rather than a quick conveyer belt
process.  On the Monday evening the
biggest turnout I have seen at this church and I have been going up there for
the past fifteen years.
17th – Back to Fife.  This time to ASK 30 Mercer Pl, Dunfermline KY11 4UG.  This is another church that takes a lot of
time in giving structured teaching to their circle members.
                                                  Scotland’s Proud

While in Waterstone’s
bookshop in Inverness a German tourist holding a book on Scottish History
started asking me about certain aspects of the contents.  Once she left I had a quick look through the
book I suddenly thought, “Something is
That something was
“Spiritualism”.  Modern-day Spiritualism
started in 1848 in the US when the Fox sisters heard tapping sounds.  Only eight years later in 1856 the Glasgow
Association of Spiritualism opened its door and they have stayed open since. This
year Alloa Spiritualist Church celebrated its centenary and there has been a
Spiritualist church in Aberdeen for over 100 years.   Scotland has a long and proud history with
                                                       Your comments. 

I have received many
comments on the vision Mr C. I Quastel (President, of the Spiritualist National
Union 1958 – 1965) ,  experienced in1961  On Spiritualism’s future.      
KL – “If this
gentleman had a vision in all those years ago of what Spiritualism would be
like today then surely it came from Spirit. 
Maybe it was not a warning, but the way spirit was guiding our movement
A good point – but maybe also to warn us and prepare us we
have a fight on our hands to save our religion from entertainment and financial
LC “If this was
known by the Spirit World over half a century ago Spirit had plenty of time to
change it if they had wanted too”.
They can make us aware and guide us – but in the end we have
free choice and personal responsibility.
Ramos “Tom, move
with the times or leave”.
Ramos – I have thought of walking away several times recently
and it may happen sooner or later.  Then
I think “Why should real Spiritualists surrender”.
PT – I have been so
sickened with what has been going on with the movement over the past few years
and I doubt I will ever go back.  Many
are now in it solely for the money and if your main aim is the £ then you will
follow that rather than being true to spirit. 
Mediums cancelling long standing engagements because they suddenly get a
better financial deal elsewhere. 
Churches putting those on the platform who are entertainers and business
people rather than true spiritualists”.
PT – the churches have the power to stop Spiritualism
dropping into the mire if only they would use it.
Laura – “Mediums
giving free tuition with the intention of the students when they return home are
expected to arrange workshops for their tutors.
A vast majority of Spiritualists cannot afford or have the
time to attend Spiritualist colleges and the tutor coming to their area is a
good thing.  As long as the events and
tutors are not advertised in the media as a celebrity.
In hindsight we can now
see little heed was taken and now we are left with a real mess.  In trying to progress Spiritualism I think
that too many in a position of power at all levels have taken their eye off the
ball.  Fully concentrating on education,
diplomas and adhering too strongly to rules that were initially meant as
guidelines.  etc.    That is maybe where the Independent
churches have stolen a march on the larger Spiritual organization.  They have not taken their eye off the ball of
the needs of those who enter our churches. 
Yes – we need education
about our religion – but not that it takes over everything else.  And we must not forget the cost of workshops
and training courses mean that many cannot afford them.
                                                           “We Are all Equal”…  
As the world
mourns a famous person, there are many others making the transition to the
Spirit World.  And yet most of these will
move over almost unnoticed, on your side of the divide.
In the sight of the Lord/God/Great Spirit, whatever name you
wish to use for the Creator.  Everyone is

The Spirit World gives as much attention to those who had
nothing on the material, as those who seemed to have everything.

Never feel you are better than anyone else.  Never feel that anyone is better or lesser than
you.  In the eyes of the Creator everyone
is the same.

One may not be a star, or top of the tree at something that is
in the glare of publicity. 

However, to a lonely person we can be a star, or top of the
tree, with just giving them a smile or a little bit of recognition.  

Letting someone feel that others care for
them, can mean so much to them.  A smile
can be worth its weight in gold.

Never feel superior. 
Treat others, as you would like others to treat you

                 We are all on the Frontline.
The latest terrorist attack in France is something I
have always feared.  Terrorists using not
guns or bombs, but something more readily available to cause carnage and
death.  This makes it so much harder for
the security forces to detect individuals or groups hell bent on taking
innocent lives.  A new chapter in our
lives has now opened up where more and more will fear for their safety going
about their everyday lives.  Massive
armies and sophisticated weapons are impotent in such a war that terrorists are waging at the
moment.  We can only hope and pray that
good will overcome evil.  At the same
time, we should not condemn all of those who are the same religion as those who
commit the terrorist acts.  They are not
immune to the suffering and death from terrorism that is occurring around the

My Diary … I am Now a Committee Member … 1961 – Vision of Spiritualism in the Future comes to Pass… Real Comedy Writers are Becoming an Endangered Species … One Hundred Years and Still Going Strong…

My Diary….
16th – I took an evening of clairvoyance at Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)
17th – I had a most interesting night giving a talk on Spiritualism and then a Q & A session at the Ascension Spiritualist Church Maryhill, Glasgow.  That was the last night at the old venue and from 24/5/2016 the church has a new home at  the    .Maryhill Education
Comunity Centre.35 Avenuepark Street Maryhill.G20 YTS 
26th – I was over in the East Coast to the usual warm welcome from the committee and members of the Arbroath Spiritualist Church SNU.
29th – A short journey south the bright and friendly Ayr Spiritualist Church (SNU) where a warm welcome awaits all who enters through its doors.
5th – I travelled 165 miles north to the Aberdeen Bon Accord Spiritualist Church (SNU).  Great hospitality and enthusiasm from this church which has been serving  Spiritualism in Aberdeen for over one-hundred years. 
I am now…Now a Committee Member…

Anne Strachan President of the Glasgow Association of Spiritualist asked me if I would like to become a committee member of the Association.  So as from the beginning of the month I am now a committee member of the Glasgow Association.

                1961 – Vision of Spiritualism in the Future comes to Pass…
Looking through some old issues of The Beacon – the Glasgow Association of Spiritualist’s magazine of November 1961 I came across a most interesting article.  It was by Mr C. I Quastel president, of the Spiritualist National Union 1958 – 1965.  Mr Quastel looked into the future of Spiritualism and got it spot on.
Thus, it is that in these days’ voices which have heard a loud and uncompromising against any dilution of the original purpose which inspired the creation of the ‘Spiritualist National Union’ come from the hardy northerners.
I have no hesitation,  therefore, I’ve no doubt as to the action, and writing of my fears for the future of what is called the “Spiritualist Movement” in Great Britain, with the hope of arousing a national determination to make such a prophetic possibility just a hideous nightmare.
I see so clearly, a vision of the future where in every city there will be dozens of psychic businesses, staffed by professional mediums and healers, which by means of “enticing advertisements” draw to the premises people of all classes, eager to obtain relief from the woes and ailments – at any price…
The only people unable to gain access to these commercialised “sanctuaries of healing” will be – in my opinion – the poor and the needy who will be unable to pay the high fees for “for “consultations” or unable to leave liberal “donations”.
Many of those are we are at this moment  aware of the existence of at least one widely advertised centre where the main activity is the provision of private interviews, in almost endless succession, to selected clients who are able to pay the fees demanded for this ‘service,.
Such a prospect is terrible only if the growing emphasis on the practice of mediumship as a “box-office attraction” detracts from the essential purpose of Spiritualism.
Please do not misunderstand me. Mediumship is needed to provide evidence of survival, and I, in common with every other official, wish to have the help of the most capable mediums in our psychic activities.
But the practice and the results of good mediumship are only means to the greater end – to emphasise the help that is constantly given to us by our spirit friends and guides, using the power of the Almighty, in order that through our own, or through co-operative action, we may bring peace and harmony to the world, by doing our utmost, in always possible, to abolish fear of death, loneliness, poverty and insecurity – whether in the home or in the International field of politics.
Spiritualism’s purpose should, and must, be emphasised as a sequel to any effort to demonstrate “survival”, or even to heal the sick.
Without this “religious” attitude, which truly involves human and divine relationship through the life-giving power of God, our movement would consist of activities conducted by (a) those who profit financially; (b) those who voluntary help makes it possible for the “professionals” to do the work.
Sooner or later, under these conditions, the voluntary workers would refuse to give their labours and thus all workers and officials would become salaried, and finances only would determine the justification of any effort.
Such a situation is already threatening – as an example – what once was a flourishing, idealistic youth movement  in this country, and we see signs, too, in our Spiritualist organisations where the burden of VOLUNTARY CHARITABLE work falls on the frail but determined shoulders of the ever decreasing numbers of old but loyal servants of God.
So much depends on our Church leaders and holders of S.N.U Diplomas and other credentials.
They MUST – at every public service – speak of our  purpose as a religious, charitable union of Churches.
They MUST read and referred to our Seven Principles which present, so simple and clearly, everything with which the  true Spiritualists can identify.
I APPEAL, almost desperately, to those who once joined us – as Church members, as Healers, as Mediums – to remember their vows of unselfish service to the Movement – to be humble and honest in the of dedication of self to the common cause.
There is so much to do – new places of worship to be created for the new religion of the world, based on psychic truths and Spiritualist ideals – social problems to be solved – international friendships to be made.
Spiritualism needs YOUR help – and the World needs Spiritualism.
Let us, and all members of the S.N.U.., never cease to strive towards a Utopian goal of peace on earth. Failure will only come when we cease to strive.

              Real Comedy Writers are Becoming an Endangered Species…

Comedy is not what it was like in my young days.  The likes of “Hancock’s Half Hour” “The Army Game” and “Dad’s Army” only to mention three, could be watched by the whole  family.  Real comedy scriptwriters do not need to revert to obscene language or scenes to get a laugh.  Today not only is so much smut added to comedy programmes, at the utterance of certain words, the audience bursts out laughing. Real comedy scriptwriters and comedians are on the edge of extinction.   

Real comedy does not make fun of;-


Self harm











Cut these out and maybe in sixty years time, the comedy of today will still be repeated on TV.


                                          One Hundred Years and Still Going Strong…
Another Scottish Spiritualist Church has passed a tremendous milestone this year.  This time, it is Alloa Spiritualist Church which celebrated its 100th anniversary a few weeks ago.  

My Diary … Hollywood or Hounslow an ex-President or a plumber … Capital Punishment … Reality of Today … Your emails…..


                                                               My Diary…
28th ASK Dreghorn, KA11 4EQ.

A quiet month as far as church services are concerned.  I planned it this way to concentrate on workshops, lectures, and my psychic research work.  Also, sitting in the congregations of our churches.  Something I had got out of the habit of doing.
                   Hollywood or Hounslow an ex-President or a plumber
I was over the moon when the Psychic News came back to life in 2011.  Then, and still to this day the first pages I turn to is the David Hopkins column and the letter’s page.  Yet, as each month goes by I am getting more and more disillusioned with the magazine.  It is becoming more like many magazines and newspapers these days in spending so much time reporting on celebrities.
Just look at the headlines for articles during the months of March and April;-
We Become Beverly Hills Mediums”, Tony Warren, Corrie’s Creator, saw actress’s ghost on TV set”, Nancy Reagan reunited with her husband”, Tarot prediction scares Coleen Nolan”, “Dave Stewart: old or new soul”, Energy healer cured Michael Flatley”, “Our Beverly Hills Adventure”.   
The path the magazine appears to be taking does not show true Spiritualism and must give a new reader a false impression of our religion. The Psychic News was founded in 1932 as the global mouthpiece for Spiritualism.  That has waned considerably in the past few years and it looks like it will not be long before newsagents place this magazine among the other celebrities magazines.
it is Hollywood or Hounslow an ex-President or a plumber Spirit will look on all as equal.     
                                                      Capital Punishment.
I have been asked constantly “As a spiritualist what’s your views on capital punishment?”  
As far as capital punishment is concerned – I am totally against it. I’m against it for one reason, one innocent person executed for a crime they did not commit is one too many.  Over the years there have been too many mistakes with innocent people being executed.   I really believe that one of the worst things that can happen to a human is being found guilty of a crime they did not commit. Then, they spend many years in jail or are executed while the guilty party roams free.
I constantly hear individuals in the spiritualist movement say “They will be punished when they get over to the other side”.  I don’t agree that we should leave it to the Spirit World to punish those who have done wrong in this dimension. We have to take personal responsibility and police our own dimension keeping the vulnerable safe from those who would do them harm. 

Reality of Today.

May you always have work for your hands to do.

May your pockets hold always a coin or two.

May the sun shine bright on your window pane.

May the rainbow be certain to follow each rain.

May the hand of a friend always be near you.

And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you.

~ Old Irish Blessing

A blessing so many these days wish was bestowed on themselves. 
Many a young person today does not have the chance of a full-time job with prospects.   
Coins in pockets for many are few.
So many do not have a place to call home, never mind having the sun shine on their window pane.
For many there never seems to be any light at the end of the tunnel, never mind a rainbow.
There is not always help those in need.  Of course, there is from the spirit world, but those in dire straits are not always aware of this.
Can we blame those who have nothing for thinking that God is only for those who have everything?
Your emails…..

Leanne reminds us – “Spiritualism is not just about proving life after physical death.  It is about spirituality of self, learning through meditation, prayer and how to be a loving, forgiving and caring person. First, we must forgive ourselves for the damage we have done to others and our own spirits, intentional or unintentional.  Only then can we start to walk a spiritual pathway”.

Thanks Leanne…

Evans emailed – “That gap between us and the dead is not meant to be bridged”. “It is wrong, for those here to bridge that gap, in fact it is an evil act to try to bridge that gap”.

Evans – The gap cannot be bridged unless Spirit wants to make contact.  And as far as being evil, what evil is there in family and friends communicating from the Spirit World in a gentle friendly manner.  A medium has less power than many people think Spirit has got to want to communicate.

My Diary… Don’t Leave Our Mediums In The North Out in the Cold… Our Seven Principles Suggest As Individuals We Get Involved…. / Spiritualism Losing Members and Churches… Tracy Norton’s Concern for the Future Of Spiritualism…


                                                                  My Diary / 
22nd – I always enjoy my visit to Inverness Spiritual Church (SNU)  Great enthusiasm in Scotland’s most northerly city as far as spiritualism is concerned.
28th – Glasgow Central Spiritual Church.  (SNU)
29th – Glasgow Central Spiritual Church.  (SNU)
1st – Glasgow Central Spiritual Church.  (SNU)
6th – The Love and Friendship Spiritualist Church, The Couper Institute, Glasgow. G44 3DA.  A busy church which puts a lot of time into education and training.  In the past year this has paid off as several of the members are now taking services at other churches around Scotland.  President Maureen Winser and Karen Speake have taken time with those in their development circle, not rushing them but letting them matures in their own natural way.
10th – The Pyramid Spiritualist Church, Leithlands Neighbourhood Centre Kempsthorn Road Pollock Glasgow G53 5SU  – A small church that is well supported by the local community.
15th –  ASK Cumbernauld – One of the busiest Spiritualist churches in Scotland. 
22nd – A short journey to The Free Spirit Spiritualist Church, 22 London Road,Kilmarnock.
26th – Falkirk Spiritualist Church (SNU)  Burnhead Lane, Falkirk,  FK1 1UG.  This church has been serving spiritualism in Falkirk for over fifty-years.
28th – Again my second visit to Kilmarnock in less than a week.  This time to The Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU) Old Mill Road, Kilmarnock,


                   Don’t Leave Our Mediums In The North Out in the Cold.
February saw me travelling north east to take the service at Inverness Spiritualist Church.  (SNU)  This is a journey I always enjoy for the scenery and for the great Highland welcome and enthusiasm from the committee and members of the church.  In the fourteen years I have been travelling to this church the enthusiasm has not waned in the slightest, in fact it has got stronger.  This is down to the Inverness committee putting in place a lot into good development and training in clairvoyance, healing and knowledge of spiritualism.

Unfortunately, those who eventually end up on the platform have very limited opportunities as there are few churches in the north.  The Spiritualist churches up north have regularly brought mediums up from the central belt to serve their churches, they’ve had too.  But now that there are good mediums coming to the fore in the north they are not getting the chance to serve our churches further south.  In the central belt we have mediums from Northern Ireland and England taking services and workshops, so why not from the Highlands of Scotland?  Many may answer “The cost”.  But surely that does not wash as churches in the north have been bringing mediums from the south to their churches for decades. I have mentioned Inverness but we should not forget the Aberdeen area also.
                         Our Seven Principles Suggest As Individuals We Get Involved.
I have often commented that I look on Spiritualism as a quiet religion.  Unlike other religions we don’t; – Get involved in politics…  Criticise certain groups of people… Tell our members that they will not get into the Spirit World if they don’t attend out churches every week… Nor do we hand out leaflets at street corners or put them through letterboxes.
But although our religion does not get involved in such matters I feel that we as individuals have a duty to get involved in situations where we feel there is injustice.  If we feel we are being guided to a wrongdoing especially to another human being, an animal or the environment.  After a little research, to see if we have got the facts right then we should complain to the appropriate authorities.  Remember reading about an incident in a newspaper is not always an accurate version of what has happened.  These days’ newspapers often do not take time to give all sides of the argument or the management may have their own agenda.
If we eventually feel that it is right to do so, a letter /email to the appropriate place can work wonders, especially when a vast number take the time to voice their complaint also.  The old saying “The pen is mightier than the sword” is spot on,  Far more powerful than a march as often this can be hijacked by those wishing to cause trouble and in doing so they ruin the cause. 
I believe that our Seven Principles point us in the direction that I have mentioned above.  Not for the hierarchy of our Spiritual associations to stand up and complain, but for each individual to do so when they feel it is necessary.
1 – The Fatherhood of God – We recognise that there is a creative force in the universe. This force did not only created the universe which this planet is part, but all forms of life on this planet.  All forms of life which interacts with each other to make life as we know it possible.   
2 – The Brotherhood of Man – Because we all come from the same universal life source we are, in effect, one large family.  . This means that all mankind is part of a brotherhood and we have a responsibility in supporting our brothers and sisters wherever they are on this planet.  Remember, countries and borders are man-made.

3 – Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels – All religions believe in life after death, but only Spiritualism shows that to be  true by demonstrating that communication with departed spirits can and does take place. There are spirit people who are dedicated to the welfare and service of all mankind. This is where I believe the guidance comes from to look at a particular situation.  And if we decided it is right to do so, make our concern known.
4 – Continuous Existence of the Human Soul. 

5 – Personal Responsibility – This principle not only places responsibility on us all  for our wrongful thoughts and deeds.  It also means we should not stand back doing and saying nothing when we are aware of an injustice to others. Not putting ourselves or our families in the firing line, but as I have already said, an email letter can do so much.

6 – Compensation and Retribution hereafter for all Good and Evil Deeds done on Earth.  Personally I feel it is a cop-out when Spiritualists say “Leave it – they (wrongdoers) will have to answer for their bad deeds when they move over to the Spirit World.  We have to police our own dimension and keep the vulnerable safe.

7 – Eternal Progress open to every Human Soul – Taking time to care for others and make you point of view know will stand us in good stead for the new part of our eternal life when the time comes.
An email from EDC “Tom, you comment on hearing others say that numbers at our services are dropping, but you do not notice it to be as bad as many say.  With my work I travel the country and try at least once a week to drop into the nearest spiritualist church.  I do notice less bums on seats than I did a few years ago.  Like you I believe the biggest danger to spiritualism is from within and I saw a comment the other day which I feel fits the loss in numbers. “When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”
SPOT ON EDC.    I have been a little naive in only looking at Scotland as far as attendances are concerned and not that I look further afield I see UK wide there is a big problem.  We need to concentrate from within before it is too late.  In fact a lady said to me the other day “It is too late for Spiritualism”.  I don’t necessarily agree with that, but time is running out…. fast…
Tracy Norton also sees the danger.
 It has saddened me recently to see how some of our churches are struggling to manage with sparse committees and only a few volunteers to keep things running. As a result our beautiful churches are having to close their doors – many shutting on Easter Sunday, and another church we visit cancelling Sunday services due to lack of interest. This is devastating for our religion. I can’t help but think that people nowadays don’t value the roles the Churches play – they see the numerous roles within the church as being menial and unimportant – but without the Churches where would we mediums be?
When I first became interested in spiritualism over 20 years ago, people were honoured to play a part within the Church however menial – from making the tea, to chairing. Nowadays people are using the Churches rather than giving to them – using them for messages, using them for the training and development, but giving nothing back. The perception is that mediumship is the goal – people are seeking glory rather than a life of service. So if any of you have any time to spare – please remember that all the jobs for the spirit world are important. We don’t want our beautiful religion to flounder due to the lack of volunteers. I have written the poem below to help us think about this. A life of Service
Could you be of service?

Is there something you could do?
There’s no need to be nervous,
We need people like you.
People who have time to spare
To help our church stay open
People who are willing to share
Their love and their devotion
So much goes on behind the scenes
and our hearts are always glad
When someone who is really keen
Offers to lend a helping hand
There’s more to spiritualism you see
than just being a medium 
We need folks like you and me
to keep our church doors open
There’s a role for each of us you see
within our beautiful religion
and if no-one worked behind the scenes
there would be no spiritualism
So think carefully what you can do
With love and dedication
knowing that your heart is true
and free from egotism.

Offer yourself in service 
to spirit and all mankind
working behind the scenes 
there are many ways to shine

My Diary … Getting Our Priorities Right … The Passing of May Brown Spiritualist Medium … A Spiritual Name … Not all it Seemed …Lectures – Not Spirit inspired addresses … Matty Moore comments;-

                                     My Diary…

5th –It was my pleasure to visit the Milngavie and Bearsden Spiritualist Sanctuary in their new place of worship – the Drumchapel community centre, 320 Kinfauns Drive Drumchapel G15 7HA. This is a divine service which takes place on the first Tuesday of the month. The 6.30 for 7.00 start 7.00/8.00-8.15 Short break 8.30/9.00-9.15 for trainees to demonstrate all welcome to both events.  Phone Elizabeth :- 07703337022

17th – Stirling Spiritualist Church SNU was my port of call  A very enthusiastic committee and membership has promoted Spiritualism at the highest level in the area for many years.  This visit was different from the past as since my last visit the have been alterations which gives more space and brighter outlook to the interior.

20th – Prestwick Spiritualist Church.  A church that could be doing with a little more support.
8th – Cumnock Spiritualist Church.

9th –  ASK Neilston

14th – I attended the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.

15 – A short journey to the Saltcoats Spiritualist Church.  One of the first churches I took a service at and every time I have attended there has hardly been an empty seat.

                                               Getting our priorities right’

Scientists have discovered gravitational waves, ripples in the fabric of space and time caused by previous collisions in space, and this will increase our understanding of the universe.    It provides us with direct evidence for the first time that black holes exist and can merge together.

All that brainpower and money over the last half century to get a better understanding and take us back to the “Big Bang?  All that would be admirable if all on our tiny planet was rosy, but it is not, far from it.  Poverty, hunger, so many homeless, warfare, barbaric acts of all kinds being beamed into our homes, and cancer still ravaging the human race.  We have got our priorities wrong is a mild way of putting it.  All those poor souls who were killed or maimed during WWI believing they were fighting a war that would end all wars must feel cheated as they look of the mess future generations have made of planet Earth.

This experiment concentrated on looking back in time and it is not wrong to look back, but have the scientists not taken the wrong path in looking back?  Should we not have been looking back at the past, correcting our mistakes and in doing so making this planet a better place for all?   After correcting all that then we can look upwards.

                                                           May Brown

Well known Spiritualist Medium May Brown passed to spirit last month aged 86.  May’s husband Jim passed over  in 2014

May and Jim were involved with the spiritualist movement for over thirty-five years.  And in honour of their stalwart work for spiritualism they were awarded a SNU long service award a few years ago .  Jim gave the address and May the clairvoyance. 

A very loving couple who were always together, where you saw one the other would be close by.  Both were always on hand to encourage new mediums and share their experiences with them.  I owe lot to May and Jim when developing at 

ASK Stewarton., where both served as President.   Jim gave me copies of some of his addresses that I put on this site and will do so again in the future.

Jim and May Brown loyal Ambassadors for Spirit.


                                                        A Spiritual name….
Many people argue that they were named by their parents, and that their names are arbitrarily chosen for them. But I believe that our parents chose names for us by subconsciously picking up on our vibration, and then naming us accordingly.  They gave sound to the vibration that they recognized as us. Misspellings or last-minute changes of mind are part of the fine-tuning process the result of which is that you receive the name most fitting to you”.

In the past most families named their children after the grand parents or parents. Nowadays many a baby gets saddled with a name of the parent’s favourite singer or sports person. But I suppose those parents that have a high degree of awareness might fit into this theory.
What this comment is probably referring to, is the Spiritualist Naming Ceremony.  Naming Services are held for people of any age – babies, young children and when required for adults who may have come into Spiritualism having decided to accept Spiritualism as their chosen religion.  During the naming service, as well as names already given another name is given – this by the world of Spirit through the medium – something which is truly a Spiritual experience.

                                                     Not All it Seemed.

The snowdrops remind me of a story a friend told me a few years ago. She was recovering from a serious  Illness and looking out of her window one morning she saw her first snowdrops of the year. Only four, but It gave her so much pleasure as she was feeling sorry for herself that morning.

All of a sudden a neighbour’s little girl appeared in her garden and started to pick the snowdrops. Anne opened the door and shouted to the girl to come back then told her off for picking the flowers. She was floored by the little girl’s explanation. “I only took one and it was for my Nan who I am going to visit in hospital this afternoon, and I left 2p on your doorstep step for the flower.” As Anne looked down, there were three snowdrops still blowing in the wind and two-pence on the doorstep.


Lectures – Now Spirit inspired addresses.

Lomax emails: – “Recently I have noticed that some of our so-called spirit inspired addresses are becoming more like lectures and are going over the top of many in the congregation.  The numbers are small at the moment, but they are on the increase”.

JC – “I hope the cosy wee addresses that gave spiritualist congregations a lot of comfort and inspiration are not going out of the window. Now many are a bit more like a sermon missing out the personal touch”.

I wonder if this has something to do with all those sitting for exams and to pass the medium has to do as the book says, override spirit inspiration?  I will be interested in what others think of this.


Matty Moore comments;-

So what If mediums, healers…. And spiritualist… Around the world 🌍 stopped competing with each other…. Switched focus from just you’re “self’s “… From just “your” church… From just “your” centre…. To embrace to whole idea of “team spiritual”… What if spiritualists of the world become one big unit….. What if spritualist of the world started to speak up more what if spiritualist of the world shined a little brighter…… What If the Light workers of the world stood side by side… Shoulder to shoulder…..I think that would be one bright collective light don’t you think? ………………………………………… Better pack your sunglasses 😎…… Alone we can do so little….. Together we can do so much

My Diary / A Survey on Spiritualism / Sitting it Out / 150th Anniversary / Looking Back at 2015 and Forward to 2016.


                                                               My Diary…
20th – 24th… I had a busy but enjoyable time at the Glasgow Association (SNU)…
6th – It is always a pleasure to attend Perth Spiritualist Church (SNU).
7th – A short journey this time to the Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church. (SNU)
13th – Again staying in Ayrshire I took the service at Ayr Spiritualist Church (SNU)

14th My last Service of the year was at the Pollockshaws and District Spiritualist Church, Glasgow.
                                                  A Survey on Spiritualism
The Two Worlds magazine has an interesting article connected with a survey on Spiritualism. The results were not far-off the results of a straw poll two mediums and I conducted early last year. The result of the latest survey is as follows: – To be with like-minded people – 65% / to understand my spirituality – 54% / to understand my spiritual experiences – 49%  – Eventual mediumship – 40%
I have said until I am blue in the face, many attend our churches to be among others on the same wavelength as themselves. To be part of a friendly group and to make new friends. To find a little haven quiet, safe and away from the rat race we have around us today. To be encouraged to be yourself and not to be what others expected you to be. To be an equal part of the church/religion.  That is why I am always trying to encourage greater participation by the congregation in the service.
Most of us at one time in our life will ask: –
Who am I?”
“What is our true nature?”
“What is my purpose in life?”
This is where there is a need for discussion nights – now a thing of the past as far as spiritualism is concerned.  Not to be in way out jargon to be in simple terms with all getting involved.
For many years now I have been trying to make sense of the spiritual experiences of others.  I always start of by saying “Never believe anything any medium tells you – including myself – unless it makes sense to you.  You are the one who has had the experience and the medium can to their best to explain what they feel has been happening. The final say is yours, whether you think the medium’s interpretation is right or not”.   
If the questionnaire had only applied to those new to spiritualism evidential evidence would have received much more than 40%. That is very important to most of us until we get the evidence of survival of life after death.  To keep getting this would get very boring and turn people away from doors.  Once we can accept that we live on after death our thirst for knowledge increases.  That is where we come up against a brick wall.  There is little in our churches to whet our appetites.   Spiritualism will progress as a religion when committees realise that the focal point of the church is a variety of different subjects not just the medium and the clairvoyance.
                                                                 Sitting it Out
My last visit to a church in the old year and the first in the New Year I was not on the platform, but sitting in the congregation and I thoroughly enjoyed the change.  The first service of the New Year I attended the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists and Spiritualism Medium  Diane Mitchell was on the platform.  Being only the third day into the New Year it was understandable numbers were down on a regular Sunday evening.  Diane asked the congregation if they would sit on one side of the church and close to the front instead of sitting in ones and twos all over the church. This concentrated all energy and one area and it turned out to be a fantastic evening. Maybe it’s something other churches should try when numbers are low.
When I started out on the platform I promised myself that if I only lasted for a few months or many years I would still sit regularly in the congregation to get the view of spiritualism from both sides. I did this regularly for many years, but as my bookings increased I let the congregation side lapse. That I now feel was wrong and hope to correct that in 2016.
                                                       150th Anniversary
Glasgow Association of Spiritualists SNU has been in existence since 1866, and celebrates its 150th anniversary with a week of special events from 23rd – 30th January 2016.   
                                            Looking Back  2015 and Forward to 2016
My fears of previous years about churches may not be able to afford the rising rent for community centres and halls as once again not transpired. It looks like we have been looked after in that direction.
Spiritualism the religion drifting towards entertainment is not abated, but I don’t feel it has got any worse the last 12 months.  That is maybe because the workshop and seminar side of things is proving to be more lucrative. Going to such venues can certainly help you as you travel along your spiritual path, but as an addition not a substitute for good structured development lasting for a few years.
Churches and organisations seem to forget those in there are those in their ranks who only want to know about our religion and their  psychic abilities. Yet, most of the education is geared towards setting foot on the platform. I have tried in my own small way to redress this, taking workshops and dealing with individuals at no cost of almost any cost, from myself.
I still hear complaints about small children attending our services.  There are those who suggest that the earliest age to be in our congregation should be twelve-years-old.  This saddens me greatly as I am always pleased to see children of any age at our services. 
Maybe I’m being a bit petty or old-fashioned when I feel that taking the divine service male mediums should wear a collar and tie.
                                           Looking forward to 2016…
Churches will have more development circles of a structured nature without the plan of having anyone on the platform asap possible.  That they will also cater for those only wanting to understand the basics of spiritualism and their psychic abilities. This can easily be taken by the local medium or long time member of the church in sharing their experiences. Hopefully at little or no cost to those attending.
Social media is now part of everyone’s life. It is also played a big part in the spiritualist movement good and bad. Let our churches think twice before they comment on this media. Informing who the forthcoming medium it opens up spiritualism to a lot of people who may never have known or thought about us. But let it be done in a sensible way – the medium is Jim Smith from such and such a place. If the medium has SNU or other qualifications by all means  mention them after their name. Don’t make it all flowery as you are mentioning an entertainer about to appear on stage. Nor the ‘International Medium’ tag.  You are representing a religion not a cabaret night.

My Diary ….. Little Tweaks to our Service can make all the Difference. … What Legacy Are We Leaving For Future Generations? … God’s Incredible Gift”

                                                             My Diary 
1st –  A journey to the east coast and Arbroath Spiritualist Centre…
6th – There was a good turnout at the Ascension Spiritualist Church, Maryhill Community Centre, Glasgow.
9th – A short journey to the Shining Light Spiritualist Church, Knightswood Community Centre, Glasgow,
25th –  I always look forward to my annual visit to the Largs Spiritualist Church.
27th – There is seldom an empty seat in the Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.
30th – Unfortunately a health problem stopped me attending the Angel Light Spiritualist Church Govanhill Neighbourhood Community Centre, Glasgow.
5th – It is always a pleasure to serve the SSK Spiritualist Church, Dreghorn, North Ayrshire.
8th – 10th – My three days at the Glasgow Central, Spiritual Church, 64 Berkley Street, Glasgow was cut to two days after the nasty virus that made me cancel a service in October returned.

                       Little Tweaks to our Service can make all the Difference.

I have taken many services at the Glasgow Association of Spiritualists (SNU) over the years, but I felt that the Monday evening service of the 24/11/15 was that bit extra special.  Why?  Two small changes to the usual format fairly raised the energies within the Church, giving a closer link with Spirit and involving the congregation in the Service.

1The congregation being asked to shake hands with those sitting close to them in the church. 

2 … The medium shaking hands with the congregation as they left the church.   

Neither of these two changes is new to Spiritualism, but within my experience is only practised in a few churches.  The congregation being given the time to welcome each other has been ongoing at ASK Cumbernauld since its opened almost ten years ago.  Greeting those sitting close to you I feel plays a big part in this Church having a reputation of being an extremely welcoming venue on a Tuesday evening. 

The Medium shaking hands with everyone as they leave the Church is something that I have experienced only at Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church. (SNU)..  I feel that that it makes the evening that little bit special for both the medium and the congregation.
We often discuss congregational participation in the service, but seldom try to put it in action.

                               What Legacy Are We Leaving For Future Generations?
I constantly wonder what our parents, grandparents and great-grandparents think of the way we live today, how we have shaped the world we live in. They came through two World Wars and had little of what we take for granted today.  Yet their sacrifices seem to have been in vain.  Our young men and women are still losing their lives and limbs in armed conflicts around the world.  Atrocities seem to be getting worse as each year passes and the only way we feel we can react to them is with bombing from the air.  Yes, there may be times when such action has to be taken, but surely after all other avenues are exhausted and a plan for what happens after the bombing has been worked out.  Too much of what is happening at the moment has been caused by airstrikes and leaving a void for the most vile people and groups to fill.
I can just imagine both my grandfathers and father saying “Why is it OK for our bombs to kill innocent people, but not the enemy doing the same thing?  Why do you call certain countries your friends and yet they are committing similar atrocities as those you look on as the enemy?”  We are running around in circles on the international scene making situations worse.  There certainly is a big problem with migrants, but whatever our views we should remember that each person escaping the ravages of war is a human being.
When young I was proud to be British, thankful to have been born in Britain and not first saw the light of day in a Communist or Third World country.  That is not my view today.  I realize that I was looking at my country through rose tinted spectacles.  The massive abuse of children by those in power and those in the limelight being covered up.  I feel that those who were part of the cover-ups are equally to blame as those who committed those terrible deeds.  Yes, they will be judged when they enter the spirit world, but I would have liked them to be brought to justice here first.
The most used phrase in our seat of government the House of Commons is “My Honourable Lady/Gentleman”.   Yet how honourable are these ladies and gentlemen who run all aspects of our life and country.  My opinion is too many follow the party-line instead of speaking up or voting against their party when the genuinely feel the need arises.  One wonders if they are putting their career before the good of their constituents and country.  We need those in power to think more about Spiritualism’s 
5th Principle “Personal responsibility” before making up their minds on important issues.
I often wonder if my grandfather felt it was worth losing a leg at seventeen-years of age in WWI with what we have become today.  Also my father and his father working double shifts both during the war to supply the coal to keep our nation ticking over.  What do you think your forefathers will be thinking of the country/world today?
After “Discovering the Benefits of Nature by Accident” in my previous blog,  here is “God’s Incredible Gift”  which I put on-line a year or so ago.
It is said that God has blessed his children with so many incredible gifts, and flowers are among the most precious. Like the humans He created, there are so many different colours, shapes, scents and sizes of flowers. From birth to death and so many occasions in between we commemorate so much with flowers.  . Flowers are sent with love and are greatly received.  To receive such a gift we know that someone cares for us.   The advert slogan “Say it with flowers” is very apt.
Both my grandfathers liked gardening and both in different ways. With one grandfather my memories are of immaculately cut and shaped privet hedge around the front garden and lawn was like a bowling green. When it came to flowers he only grew geraniums and with only red blooms.  I wonder if at this time one could only get geraniums in red?
My other grandfather did not have a lot of room in his small walled back garden, but with what space he had he used the growing area to its full potential.  He really enjoyed cultivating flowers. His main interest was unusual varieties.  When he did grow  a common species he always went for the least popular colours with them.  Three things that stand out in my mind… Someone brought him a plant from the Middle East and it was said that it only flowered once every seven years. He had it for countless years and yet only flowered the summer before he passed over to spirit. He loved experimenting with flowers and he was trying to breed a blue or black tulip. He never succeeded, but here again he got a little closer to his dream.  The spring before he passed a dark tulip bloomed in his beloved garden.  Nowhere near black, but I remember him saying “Finally I am going in the right direction”. He was also looking towards breeding a blue rose.  God’s blessing certainly gave both my grandfathers so much enjoyment. 
Someone said to me recently “Your grandfather (The one who experimented with colours) was born before his time – just think of how he would marvel at the countless new hybrids flowers with such vivid colours we have today”. I thought on this and I don’t think my grandfather would be too happy with the way things are going as far as the commercialism of flowers is concerned. I think we may be taking things too far as far as interfering with the colours and producing so many varieties that have no scent. . My grandfather was working in his own little way to add another colour or shade to a species of flower in a natural way.  I believe that man has interfered too much with God’s ‘little angels and that is showing in so many different ways. This it is beginning to tell as there are those among us who find that the relaxation, peace and tranquility they got through flowers is now waning.
Jane has never been in good health since she was born and she always felt she was blessed by having a father and then husband who was interested in gardening.  Especially as both concentrated on flowers rather than vegetables.  . As a child and through her married life Jane on a good day could always sit out in the garden relaxing and admiring the flowers. Both father and husband always had flowers in bloom every month of the year. Sadly her husband past away five years ago and although her son has as strong an interest in gardening he has brought in so many new variants of flowers, some that have vivid colours. Life in Jane’s beloved garden is now not the same. She says many of the colours are harsh on her eyes.  Instead of being relaxed like in the past the vivid colours give her a headache and even bring on a migraine at times.   Plus few have the scent like they did in the past.
That is not just one off the case with someone who does not like change I have heard similar things from others about interference with flowers taking the enjoyment away.
Muriel helps out with a voluntary group, visiting people who through many reasons cannot get out and about. A long time ago she thought on giving a little gift of flowers on each visit and they were gratefully accepted.  But as Muriel’s visiting list grew she could not afford a bunch of flowers for everyone.  So today at each visit she leaves three, two or even a single flower.  .  All used to look forward to this little gift even the men she visited.  One of Muriel’s colleagues said one day “it is not only that they appreciate the flowers, they seem to calm them, they are more relaxed looking at the flowers”.  There came a period when Muriel noticed that the flowers were not having the same calming effect for those she took so much time for. One day an old lady who was still alert said “The flowers you bring me these days are not the same as the ones in the past.  I don’t think I like flowers now”.  Muriel though this over but had not a clue what the old soul was on about. Then it dawned on her – for the past year she was buying those dyed flowers from supermarkets again some vivid and some not natural colours for the particular species.  She thought it would be a change and a change it was – the flowers were not having the same effect.   Muriel changed back to bunches of flowers with natural colours where possible flowers that had still retained their scent.  Now those she visits are back to enjoying God’s little gift – God’s little Angels…
 I heard on the radio recently a lady say that had had to care for some difficult people and she had found out by accident how to give them a little relaxation and peace of mind.  In summer she takes them to a walled garden that has only old fashioned varieties of flowers and meadow flowers.  The natural colours and the scent seemed to completely change those in her charge’s nature for a few hours.    It was never the same when she took them to gardens in the local parks.
We were given free will and the intelligence to change what is around us, but not to change for the sake of change. We must not destroy the goodness of what we are trying to change.  Man’s record so far is not good in this respect.  Look at the suffering of animals because we have changed their structure to produce more milk, eggs and meat.  Although some of us may not be too aware of the changes to flowers the most vulnerable in our society do notice – and it is they for whom we should not destroy the goodness of God’s Little Angels.

My Diary… Diiscovering the Benefits of Nature by Accident … Many will rush to help – but not all is not accepted… … A comment from Dorothy … Taken from Facebook…

                                                            My Diary…
– The Friendship of Love and Light Spiritualist Church, Foxbar, Paisley.
–  ASK, Neilston.
–  Understanding the Basics
of your Psychic Abilities”. Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)
13th – Dunfermline
Spiritualist Church (SNU) Lady Campbell Walk, Dunfermline.
20th – ASK, Touch
Community Centre, Dunfermline.
26th – Workshop and
lecture at the Arbroath Spiritualist Church. (SNU)
28th – Cumnock
Spiritualist Church.
30th – Dunoon
Spiritualist Church.
the Benefits of Nature by Accident.
the summer flowers start to fade and disappear the new season – autumn – brings
new colour with leaves turning various shades of red, yellow, purple, orange, and, brown, yellow, yellow-green, and even purple.  Winter can be just as colourful if one plants
the right sort of plant that will be in bloom until the spring snowdrop, crocus
and daffodil takes over.

John had two neighbours on either side of him who suffered
from severe depression, one not going out and the other only leaving home to go
shopping.  They only time they would have
a lengthy conversation with John when they would talk about the flowers in his
garden during the summer.  So as John had
more time on his hands when he retired he tried a little experiment.  He tried to have flowers in bloom in his
garden all the year round.  Not only
flowers to provide the colour, but plant bushes which would have a display of
brightly coloured leaves and berries during the winter months.
John was amazed how well his little experiment worked.  He would chatter away to him on a regular
basis and he would see them standing outside admiring the flowers.  John decided to take his little idea stage
further and putting tubs with flowers in his neighbour’s gardens much to their
delight.  Every season he replaced the
plants much to the delight of his neighbours. 
Both neighbours are getting out and about more and although John is not
taking all the praise in their change he admits as well as their GP’s and
medication his efforts have given them a better quality of life.  One man being aware of the change in nature
of his neighbours while showing interest in his flowers.   Then with time on his hand using his talents
to help those less fortunate than himself. 
Once again we see how nature and colour can be of great benefit to us –
something that many overlook these days. 

In my next blog I will print another situation where flowers
help those in need – as long as man does not interfere.
                       Many Will Rush to Help – But Not all Help Will be Accepted.

was listing to a phone-in on the radio and most who called in were agreeing
that we lived in an uncaring society with people only caring for
themselves  and would not lift a hand to
help anyone in need.  Totally wrong in my
book as we only have to look at the vast 
sums raised in this country for charity and the amount of volunteers
helping the vulnerable in society.

Three hours later I was looking out the window of a restaurant
when I saw an elderly lady fall giving her head a real clatter off the
pavement.  Before I could get out of my chair, cars were stopping and
pedestrians were running to help the old soul.  A week later we were in
holiday in England and Isabel – my
wife – fell.
 No sooner had
Isabel hit the ground than people were rushing to help.  We
do live in a caring society maybe it is not noticeable until something
serious happens.

But, another side of trying to be a Good
Samaritan is not always accepted.  In between the two falls I have
mentioned I saw a lady lying flat
out on the pavement with two ladies standing over her, one on a mobile
phone.  I spotted this while driving around the bend of a busy road with
double yellow lines so I could not immediately stop the car.  Once I got
safely parked I ran back and it was made very clear by the two women that I was
not needed and to go away.  They then started trying to get the other lady back on her feet and
another passerby and I offered to help and again we were told quite abruptly we
were not needed.  I took it to be that the lady on the ground was in a
tantrum and the other two were her carers.  If these two ladies carry on
like this, they may find no help forth coming when
they really need some assistance.  
                                                  A comment from Dorothy Byrne..
Yes  it is sad
when ego gets in the way and spirituality becomes just a trendy term! Sadly I
have watched this happen too many times!
I agree 100%
Dorothy.  To be fair there is an easy answer to
this.  Those who want to be famous and make financial gains from
their ‘gift’ should do so without the aid of our church
platforms.  Too many use our church platforms as a springboard to
achieve their aim and then return if their financial gains are on the
wane.  It is time church committees took notice of this and did not
book those for services who don’t have our religion first and foremost in their
heart.  I know I will be criticized or my comments, but it is
hard for many to accept spiritualism seriously as a religion as long as this
sort of thing is going on. 
Taken from Facebook…
Yes depression is such a bitch and seems relentless. A lot of us have been close to that edge, and some have lost friends and loved ones. Let’s look out for each other and stop sweeping mental illness under the carpet. If I don’t see your name, I’ll understand. May I ask my family and friends wherever you might be, to kindly copy and paste this status for one hour to give a moment of support to all those who have family problems, health struggles, job issues, worries of any kind and just need to know that someone cares. Do it for all of us, for nobody is immune



My Diary… Saying Grace… Prayers from around the world with food being the theme… Harvest Service… Sir Nicholas Winton.

– Falkirk Spiritualist Church (SNU)

– Perth Spiritualist Church (SNU)

– Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU) The
first of four workshops on “Understanding the Basics of your Psychic Abilities”.

– Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)

– The Association of Spiritual Knowledge (ASK) Cumbernauld.

“Understanding the Basics of your
Psychic Abilities”.
Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)

Understanding the Basics of your
Psychic Abilities”.
Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU)

In a restaurant recently I saw a family quietly saying
Grace before starting their meal.  It
took me back to my childhood when one or two older members of the family did
say Grace.  When I got home I looked this
up on the Internet and found that a poll a few years ago asked if people said
Grace before eating.  Most of those who
said ‘no’ commented that they were lucky to just have the whole family sit down
together to eat, let alone say grace.   So it looks like saying Grace has become a
thing of the past.  That may not be
surprising as those connected with religion are becoming fewer as each year

But do we need
the whole family around the table before we can say Grace?  It need not be of religious content we can
take thirty or so seconds contemplation before we eat.  In this day and age most of us are rushing
about and those few quiet seconds may let our brain drop down a gear so we can
savour the taste of the food more than we would have done. .
People who do it tend to eat more slowly, aiding digestion,

 Taking a few seconds to think how the food has
reached our plate. From the moment the seed was planted, the minute the animal
was born, all through the food chain process so you don’t starve and you enjoy
your meal.  Making you appreciate what
you are eating and not to take it for granted or waste it.

have always felt that Spiritualism should have a Harvest Service and the
produce donated could be given to local food banks.  I am sure Spirit would be in favour of
this.  Many of our grandparents relied on
their vegetable plot to supplement their meals. 
 I am sure our forefathers would
think of the Harvest festival as a great idea especially if some of it came
from our own gardens.

                                                            Harvest Service
In a restaurant recently I saw a family quietly saying
Grace before starting their meal.  It
took me back to my childhood when one or two older members of the family did
say Grace.  When I got home I looked this
up on the Internet and found that a poll a few years ago asked if people said
Grace before eating.  Most of those who
said ‘no’ commented that they were lucky to just have the whole family sit down
together to eat, let alone say grace.   So it looks like saying Grace has become a
thing of the past.  That may not be
surprising as those connected with religion are becoming fewer as each year

But do we need
the whole family around the table before we can say Grace?  It need not be of religious content we can
take thirty or so seconds contemplation before we eat.  In this day and age most of us are rushing
about and those few quiet seconds may let our brain drop down a gear so we can
savour the taste of the food more than we would have done. .
People who do it tend to eat more slowly, aiding digestion,

 Taking a few seconds to think how the food has
reached our plate. From the moment the seed was planted, the minute the animal
was born, all through the food chain process so you don’t starve and you enjoy
your meal.  Making you appreciate what
you are eating and not to take it for granted or waste it.

have always felt that Spiritualism should have a Harvest Service and the
produce donated could be given to local food banks.  I am sure Spirit would be in favour of
this.  Many of our grandparents relied on
their vegetable plot to supplement their meals. 
 I am sure our forefathers would
think of the Harvest 
festival as a great idea especially if some of it came
from our own gardens.
are some prayers from around the world with food being the theme…

Buddhist Tradition–From Thich Nhat Hanh…

“The plate is filled with food. I am aware
that each morsel is the fruit of much hard work by those who produced it”.

American Tradition…

“Preparing to Eat Now
that I am about to eat, O Great Spirit, give my thanks to the beasts and birds
whom You have provided for my hunger; and pray deliver my sorrow that living
things must make a sacrifice for my comfort and well-being”.

Tradition… As we sit at table and
rejoice in the mercy and goodness of the one God, may the bonds of friendship
be strengthened, may our fellowship be a light in the darkness, and—most
importantly—may we remember that in opening ourselves to each other we open
ourselves to God”…

Tradition–Adapted from an Haggadah of Liberation…
“We dedicate this meal
to our hopes and dreams for the future. We dream of a world not threatened by
destruction. We dream of a world in which all people are free to be themselves.
We dream of a world at peace”…

the Native American Iroquois Tradition…

We return thanks to the corn, and to her sisters, the
beans and squashes, which give us life. We return thanks to the bushes and
trees, which provide us with fruit. We return thanks to the Great Spirit, in
who is 
embodied all goodness,
and who directs all things for the good of his children

Tradition–From Thich Nhat Hanh

“With the first
mouthful, I promise to practice loving kindness. With the second, I promise to
help relieve the suffering of others. With the third, I promise to see others’
joy as my own. With the fourth, I promise to learn the way of non-attachment
and equanimity”…

Tradition–From Thich Nhat Hanh…

living things are struggling for life. May they all have enough food today”.


                                                   Sir Nicholas Winton.

In today’s a
celebratory mad-world we are forgetting the really special people who have
lived among us.  Those who have risked or
given their lives in trying to help others or their country.  Men and women on many occasions who’s heroic
acts will never be made public.

One special gentleman
in this category passed on 1st July this year, Sir Nicholas Winton.  Sir Nickolas organised the rescue of 669
children destined for Nazi concentration camps.  Then a stockbroker, he arranged
for trains to carry Jewish children out of occupied Prague.  A no mean feat considering what was going on
in the area at that time.  He died on the anniversary of the departure of a
train in 1939
the largest number of children – 241. 
Sir Nicholas brought the children to Britain, battling bureaucracy at
both ends, saving them from almost certain death, and then kept quiet about his
exploits for a half-century.  He
organised a total of eight trains from Prague, with some other forms of
transport also set up from Vienna.

Truly amazing, but one
other thing connected with saving the lives of these children is that the world
did not know of this for over 40-years. 
This ‘Great Escape’ by the ‘Kinder
 trains’ this
only came to light in 1988 when Sir Nicholas appeared on BBC’s “This is Your Life”. 

Sir Nickolas Winton a
truly amazing and modest man.

As I have said there
will be others who have carried out humanitarian tasks, many losing their lives
and yet we will never hear about them. 
Maybe all of our Spiritual Organizations should meet and decide on a
date each year where we can have a commemoration service for “Unknown Heroes – ones  whose deeds will never be known.