The 30th January saw me at the Edinburgh Spiritualist Society (SNU) in Edinburgh and instead of driving, this time I let the train take the strain.  This church has a lovely building, is situated in the heart of our capital city and one always receives a friendly welcome.
On Monday I was at Kilmarnock Spiritualist Church (SNU) and I always look on this church as special as it is the only church I serve that has a stain glass window.  Not just any stain glass window but one of the nicest I have seen.  I always find I get great inspiration from looking at the window during the service, whether it is daylight or the street light that is shining through.    But feel it would be better if the window faced the congregation instead of the medium…  The window if in memory of Duncan Bicket who was president of the church for close on three decades. 
Wednesday was not the best of days for me as I pulled a muscle in my back and it is still giving me a lot of pain.  I did not want to cancel my booking at Patrick Spiritualist Church so I set off giving myself an extra fifty minutes because of road works in the Clyde tunnel.  But being held up at an accident and the queue to get through the tunnel saw me arrive 25-minutes late.  I thank Janet for taking the platform till I arrived.   It was good to see John Graham is in better health than he has been of late.
Then on Friday it was back to Kilmarnock to the New Dawn Church and there was a good turnout especially as the weather was so bad.
A budding author asked me to look over a novel he is writing, his words, “Spiritualism comes into it quite a bit”.  It soon became obvious that the author knew little about spiritualism as a religion and I was right in thinking that he had never attended a spiritual service, so I told him so.  I was really surprised at his comment.  As well as being fiction I want it to be as accurate as I can”.  So he now has this story on hold and working on another story-line till he finds out about “Spiritualism the religion”.   Actually the story was unusual and interesting, so if he gets his facts right on spiritualism, this could be a good read.
Australia seems to be getting hit by one tragedy after another these days and it is really great to see how communities down-under are all pulling together, but that is always the same in times of trouble. I also heard of a personal tragedy in Australia where a friend’ nephew has been seriously injured in a road accident and I send healing out to all those involved in this accident. 
Anyone wanting to add a name to the healing book please contact me.  This section should be up and running in a few days.

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