Last Sunday I was again lazy and took the train to Perth Spiritualist Church (SNU).  This church has its own premises, using them four nights a week…  Ivy and the committee have put a lot of work into getting the church all fitted out but then they suffered problems with burst pipes.  Why do these things not happen before work is done?  It always seems to happen once we have everything the way we want it.
Tuesday I travelled up the new stretch of the A80 to ASK Cumbernauld (SNU) and as usual the church was full to capacity.  It is five years + since Joan and Isobel started the ball rolling with spiritualism in Cumbernauld and the it has always been well attended by the people of Cumbernauld.
Wednesday saw me at the GSA White Rose Fellowship in Gourock.  There was a really good turnout considering the torrential rain that had been falling for most of the day.  The White Rose is still in the Gamble Halls but has changed days from a Thursday to a Wednesday evening.
With local councils having to make cutbacks in their services and in many areas Community Centres are being targeted, this may soon have an impact on Spiritualist Churches who rent out these halls.  Not only that, but if the rent of these halls increases too much then it is going to put sever pressure on our churches also.  I have heard it said from committees of churches which rent out premises “I wish we had our own building” but the upkeep of your own building can be a problem also.
Annette Lavelle – whose poem “No Need” is printed on my ‘poetry’ page – has a book of poems published tomorrow.  “From Spirit with Love”.   Not only has this little book  twenty-two poems but is also well illustrated and costs £4.50.  All profits from the book will be shared equally between the Hessilhead Wild Life Rescue Trust and the church’s charity fund which helps many organizations in the local community.  .  Anyone wishing a copy of this book should contact mysteriousbeauty@live.co.uk .

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