Last Sunday saw me at the Ayr Spiritualist Centre (SNU).  I always find this church very bright and cheerful.  Many of you will remember, or at least have heard off, Margaret Nicolson a well known medium who was president of this church for many years.
Monday I left Beith with snow falling to go the short distance to Saltcoats Spiritualist Church.  Wendy, Irene and Jean are dedicated to running their church.
Wednesday it was another short journey to the Paisley Spiritualist Church (SNU).  Isobel the president was taking a back seat this week and chairing was another well know medium and long time member of this church, Janet Lyons.
All three services were well attended, as are most spiritualist services these days..
Friday I took Glasgow Association’s Awareness Group. And I hope everyone attending the evening enjoyed it as much as I did.
It was the same venue for private sittings on Saturday.  I will also be at the Church Sunday, Monday and Tuesday
This is the busiest week I can remember with people contacting me because they have become aware of spirit around them.  It can be a frightening experience for many but usually a talk over the phone or a visit to the house can allay their fears.  I find as each year passes I am working more and more in this area.
I was reminded this week of the strangest question I have ever been asked concerning spiritualism.  A gentleman asked me, “How would it go if you were wired up to Jeremy Kyle’s lie-detector machine and asked if you believed beyond all doubt that there is a spirit world, and there can be communication between the two worlds?”   There is no question there would be a positive result unless I was one of the 4% where the machine gets it wrong.
Many people are still missing the Psychic News.  It had its faults but it kept spiritualist in touch with what was going on in the spiritualist movement and home and abroad.  No matter the leading story I always turned to the letter’s page first.

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