My Diary … Platform Dress Code … What Can I Do? … Betty Higginbottom’s Spiritualist Church Experience … Your emails… Community, Spirit and our SNU Churches. By Miriam Farrell Fitzgerald …

                                                         My Diary.

25th – Coatbridge Spiritualist Church.
30th – Saltcoats Spiritualist Church.
May –
24th – Arbroath Spiritualist Centre.
A big thanks for all three churches for inviting me along to take their

                                                     Platform Dress Code.
Many older Spiritualists are becoming unhappy with the attire of those on
our platform, the medium and chairperson. 
JB emails, the rot is setting
in.  It started slowly and as nothing has
been said to those dropping the standard of the dress code soon it will be
anything goes on our platforms”.

JB – here is the SNU Platform Dress Code; –
All platform is asked to remember that they are
representatives of the church and the SNU.
For the men the ideal dress; A suit a shirt and a tie
Smart jacket, dress trousers, shirt and tie.
Shoes suitable for a formal occasion.
In extreme hot weather, with consent of the chairperson the
jacket can be removed.
For women ideal dress;
A dress and jacket.
Smart trouser suit.
Smart two-piece outfit i.e. blouse and skirt/trousers which
should be of a suitable length.
All fabrics should be of a density that is not
Suitable shoes, not sandals.
Jewellery should be kept to a minimum.
For chairperson;
Ditto as above.
The chairperson having the responsibility to ensure that
professional standards are achieved and maintained during events, all being
representative of the church and the SNU
 Yes. This is the SNU dress code and in my experience most
independent churches and mediums have adhered to this code.  In recent years I have heard churchgoers say
that the dress code is being neglected by some churches and mediums.  Mostly by men.  Surely it is not too much ask to keep to the
above dress code and show a little respect for spirit, our religion and the
church?  The chairperson is in charge but
needs the full backing of the committee if they stop a medium going on the
platform when they are not suitably dressed.
As I have said before the tail seems to be wagging the dog
as far as Spiritualism is concerned.  The
mediums do as they please and few committees will stop them in their tracks.
I know I am going to get a lot of feedback which I will put
on my July blog.
                                                         What Can I Do?

How often have we said and heard others saying “I wish I could do
something to help, but what can I do?” 
This is when we are being distressed at a situation in the family,
neighbourhood, nationally or internationally. 
Well, we cannot meet with President Kim Jong un to try to get him to
adhere to the Human Right convention, although I would like to try.  What we can do is use our talents abilities
and interests to make life a bit more bearable for those less fortunate than
ourselves.  We all have something that
can benefit others. Even the briefest smile can mean so much to someone who is
lonely or depressed.

However, we can go further and use our talents / gifts to help others get
their foot back on the ladder of life.  For
the past two years I have been framing my paintings/photographs and passing
them on to charities and individuals.  Recently I have started a new venture.  Putting bedding plants in small toughs and baskets
and giving them to those who need a little brightness in their lives. I have
enjoyed doing this and at the same time hopefully have brightened up the lives
of others.
Others I know do similar things to help others.  They included taking people out to a putting
green or a round of pitch and putt. Having a monthly coffee morning for the vulnerable
in the area where refreshments and entertainment is free.  A friend who takes his dog to visit those
near him who are housebound.  Offering to
do small DIY jobs for those who cannot afford a tradesman.  Dog walking for those owners who are not fit
to get out.  Cutting lawns and pulling
weeds for those who are not able to do this. Taking others for a day in the
country or at the seaside.
And remember the old
saying “Tall oaks from little acorns grow”.  In doing this it boosts our confidence in
ourselves and opens up new horizons for us. 
Those we have helped hopefully start to take control of their life again
and many go on to help others.

                               Betty Higginbottom’s Spiritualist Church Experience.

I once got told off by a
4-Year-old in Church, she had been warned not to talk when the
Man was on the stage talking, Of course I got a message and every time I
answered the Medium she GLARED at me lol After he finished (And all credit to
him for keeping his face straight) she told me I was naughty cause I had spoken
when the Man was on the Stage. LOL. 
                                                              Your emails…
“Tom, when my father
died from cancer in the early 60’s a doctor said to me that cancer would be on
the run. Give it another decade as by then we will have many drugs available to
prevent and cure this sort of thing.  How
wrong could anyone be?”.  LH
 “Our church has modern music with lyrics
written by our members”.
“It does not matter
whether it is modern songs or hymns it is the MUSIC that raises the energy in
our churches.  Singing without music is a
no, no for me”.

“I agree flowers do
bring back memories.  Most of my family
has moved on.  On the date of their
birthdays I always but a bunch of their favourite flowers.  Sitting in the lounge with the flowers in a
vase, a candle burning and listening to soft music the memories of that loved
on come flooding back”.

When we look back on the long and colourful history
associated with our Religion we tend to do so with rose coloured glasses.
Spiritualist churches were packed to capacity in the past and those in attendance
participated actively in the services, as opposed to just coming to get a
communication from Spirit discarnate, which seems to be the reason many attends
today. However, “the past is a foreign country… as L.P. Hartley states…they
do things differently there!” We certainly did things differently in our past
because society was different.
One of the beautiful elements about our religion is its
progressiveness. We have long prided ourselves on our progressive nature and
its movement forward in keeping with the society we inhabit but sometimes we
need to look back to know where we have come from and then seek the best path
forward. Modern society today has shifted greatly through the advent of
technology and the exposure of evidential mediumship to the media has pushed
many in the drive toward the entertainment industry which can be devoid of
belief and reverence in favour of economics and status. As such our churches
have been lacking in those confident to deliver and discuss the value and need of
our philosophy, over and above those who readily attend to develop their
evidential mediumship.
principles which are displayed in our churches, stand as a testament to our
progressiveness. As the world continues to spin and society continues to evolve
we have entered into the paradox of our age, more technology to communicate but
less conversation or interaction on an individual basis. This can result in
feelings of isolation and alienation for individuals who find themselves in
need of a space to sit, to think, to be and to belong.  Our churches therefore become a necessary safe
place, a sanctuary for those who need to hear their own spirit and communicate
with it without the chaos of the world around them, to what their heart, soul
and spirit actually need to hear.

Our churches are therefore more in
need today than ever because they are the locations where we can demonstrate
our connection to each other, build upon our sense of community, they represent
a beacon of hope in a very dark world. In this respect it is necessary we
support our churches, that we expand our sense of community. That we welcome
those from all walks of life without judgement. Our churches become the space
to communicate with the Spirit within and build upon and nurture that Spirit
before seeking validation from the Spirit discarnate. We have a wonderful
legacy, let us build upon it, embrace it and carry it forward and let us do so
in communion with our churches, our philosophy and our evidential mediumship so
that each aspect of our religion is supported equally and let us do so with
courage and pride but always with conviction.

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