Time to Hang Up my Boots?

When does one hang up their boots and lead a quieter life?  When your body is telling you to slow down? Family commitments?  Or that little voice in your head is telling you that it is time to slow down or change direction?  For some time now all three have been suggesting that I cut back, but I have taken no action.  Then, in the last few weeks these hints have got stronger so I sat down and thought it over.

At first, I decided to cut out serving churches and then felt it was better to still serve a few close to home and that would cut out travelling. 

What about being on the committee of the Glasgow Association of Spiritualist – should I step back here as well?  As I still have a year to serve on the committee, I will honour this then decide in a year’s time. 

Completely stepping back all at once would leave a large void in my life so a gradual slow down I feel is the right thing to do.  What will I do with all this time on my hands?  I am sure Spirit will have other plans for me and I will watch for new doors opening.  Also, I have a few projects going to help others and will keep with these.  There is also the garden.

P.S. Add to the above how disillusioned with Spiritualism I am becoming.  I say no more at the moment.

                          Funerals – More Up-beat These Days.

The format of funerals has been changing for some time now. It is said this all began with religion not being as important in people’s lives as it once was.  Breaking away from the old traditions at one time would bring shame on a family.  Now the family is in control and can tailor the funeral service around the deceased.  There need not be a religious service, unheard off at one time.  It is not now compulsory for men to wear black ties.  In fact, many families suggest that the mourners turn up in bright colours or a particular colour.

Music is where I see the biggest change.  Even at orthodox religious services these days.  Popular music in many cases is replacing hymns and psalms or a mixture of new and traditional music.

I heard a gentleman being interviewed recently and he was explaining why the only music he chose for his mother’s funeral was the theme tune for Coronation Street.  His mother had been housebound for two years and could not settle her mind on anything, but Coronation Street. The family would record the programme and play it back to her several times a day.  So, what better music for her funeral.

What music would you like at your funeral?

For mine I would like “Atlantis”, “Wonderful Land” and “Never Ending Story” played on an organ.  I am sure some of my family will find it all a bit strange.

                            So Little Can Mean So much

As I have mentioned before my little project of giving small flowering tubs/planters to those who cannot get about and it has been a great success.  Not only giving them out, but making sure there is something flowering every week of the year.  The stalwarts of winter flowering have been the primroses and primulas.  Also, planted in with these flowers I have added a few spring bulbs.  Snowdrops have been in flower, crocus are blooming and it will not be long before daffodils will be shining bright to lift all our spirits.

In addition, seeing the recipients benefiting from this, I have also enjoyed taking this a little further.  What species and what colours for what person?   I soon discovered certain species brought back memories good and bad.  So, what to give and what to avoid for each individual was important. Some preferred pastel shades while with others, brighter colours. So, I did my best to accommodate their preferences.  In the summer one old lad was over the moon when he saw the plants in his tub were that of his football team’s colours.  Another was so enthralled with the birth of a granddaughter; the first female being born into the family for many years.  So, I selected delicate shades of pale pink.  One problem with all this.  The flowers for one family were blue and white, I had not done my homework.  They said that although they cherished the brightness on looking out their window next year could not give them blue flowers.  This was the colour of the main rival of the team that they supported.  It will be difficult to find green flowers so it will have to be white flowers with bright green leaves.

Others in the group are using their hobbies to help others also

A little thought and a small action not only boost others around us, but also ourselves.

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